Spellcrow Scamper About With Their Iron Skulls Goblins

August 12, 2019 by brennon

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Spellcrow is expanding upon two of their different ranges this week. The first releases come for their Battle For Morten collection and the Iron Skulls. Two new sets of Goblins are coming to sow panic.

Goblins Iron Skulls #1 - Spellcrow

Both sets of Goblins give you some quirky looking fellows which have the classic Oldhammer style to them. I love the way they've worked on their derpy little faces and the oversized weapons help to push that comically evil look and feel of the models.

Goblins Iron Skulls #2 - Spellcrow

It's neat that you have so many different sculpts for the unit as it means that when you're building a skirmishing warband they all feel like individuals and it will be easier to tell who is who on the battlefield. They all look very glum for the most part though so I bet a big Orc has been telling them they are going to be eaten if they don't behave.

Tiny Terrain

Beyond that, Spellcrow has also been adding to their Argatoria range which has smaller scale armies fighting on the tabletop. So, here we have some 1omm buildings to supplement these escapades.

Ziggurat - Spellcrow

The Ziggurat is one of the larger buildings which would work very nicely as a defensive position for your soldiers to hold up. You could put quite a few different units of archers and such on the top of that. Maybe this is an old ruin which has been claimed by goblins and the like who have set up a Savage Village around it?

Savage Village - Spellcrow

I think with this you could set up a rather awesome jungle-based board which is set deep within the tall trees. Smaller-scale Fantasy wargaming is becoming more and more interesting a prospect to me as it would allow me to field larger armies but on a fraction of the budget!

What do you make of Spellcrows new offerings?

"Smaller-scale Fantasy wargaming is becoming more and more interesting a prospect to me..."

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