Spellcrow Reveal New Fantasy Monsters For The Tabletop

April 15, 2021 by brennon

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Spellcrow has been working away on some rather funky looking creatures for you to use in your Fantasy wargames. The world of Umbra Turris is full of quirky creatures including the mighty Lord Of Sheol-morg for example!

Lord Of Sheol-mog - Spellcrow

Lord Of Sheol-mog // Spellcrow

The mighty Lord Of Sheol-mog brings together a few different aesthetics and design choices I reckon. You've got something of the Confrontation about its overall design mixed with the Tauren from World Of Warcraft. Add in the bright and poppy colours and you've got a character that is very fitting for the world of Umbra Turris. It's a little more cartoony but I think it works!

Sticking with the quirky theme, we've also got the Autumne Crowbear. I love the idea that there are more than just Owlbears out there in the woods.

Autumne Crowbear - Spellcrow

Autumne Crowbear // Spellcrow

This particular Crowbear seems like a fun option for those looking to add a hint of magic to their wilderness exploration. I like to think of the Owlbears as the foot soldiers and the bruisers whilst the Crowbears could be the spellcasters and shamans. Either that or they could be a dark and twisted reflection of the Owlbears in the woods.

Last but not least, we have a set of three Werewolves which are available for pre-order right now.

Werewolves Hunting Pack - Spellcrow

Werewolves Hunting Pack // Spellcrow

All of the miniatures that you see here are available in resin and were sculpted by Raffaele Stumpo. They are also based on designs and concepts by Tommaso Lucchetti and Nicolas Amoroso. As I've said in the past, Werewolves are hard to do but I think Spellcrow have done a good job here. They have managed to get the proportions on point and they work very well with the overall aesthetic of the Umbra Turris world.

If you're interested in more monsters then it's well worth delving into this collection from Spellcrow. They have some odd things to show you!

What kind of "bear" variant would you like to see?

"If you're interested in more monsters then it's well worth delving into this collection from Spellcrow..."

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