Collected Elves & Dwarves Coming To Umbra Turris Soon

August 17, 2019 by brennon

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Spellcrow is introducing some new options into the mix for those playing Umbra Turris. Some re-releases and newer options are coming for the Elves and Dwarves of their Fantasy world soon.

Northern Dwarf Skull Crushers - Spellcrow

The first set looks to be a focus on bringing these Dwarven Skull Crushers together. These are their take on slayers for Umbra Turris, tasked with heading out and smashing in the skulls of monsters and greenskins alike. I really like their gruff appearance, with hammer in hand, ready to crack some skulls and teach the odd goblin a lesson!

We also have some new goodies to look forward to for the Elves too. Here is a pair of their Silver Arrow Elves.

Wood Elf Silver Arrows - Spellcrow

All four of these miniatures are available separately although it looks like the team at Spellcrow are looking to try and bring their collection together into little bundles. Once again, a classic look for these Elves, especially with all of the trinkets on their belts and the bows which look to have been taken from the trees and used almost right away.

Spellcrow has an amazing range of miniatures for you to dive into and it's well worth exploring the collection in more detail.

Have you had a look?

"...ready to crack some skulls and teach the odd goblin a lesson!"

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