New Stretch Goals And Add-Ons Appear For The Core Space Kickstarter

December 6, 2017 by dracs

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With ten days left on the Kickstarter, Core Space is doing very well, with a host of free stretch goals and new add-ons making their appearance on Battle Systems' blog.

Traders and Terrain

A whole host of free stretch goals have now appeared, including two trader crews; those of the Skylark and the Poseidon.

Core Space Traders

Core Space Traders 2

Core Space's collection of characterful figures is one of its greatest strengths. Each of these looks as though they might be able to carry a scifi TV show.

Also in the free stretch goals are a wide variety of scifi terrain for the game.

Core Space Terrain

These models and terrain pieces are free with every core pledge, meaning you get more than enough to set up your scifi adventures.

Harvest The Bonus

A number of bonus miniatures have also appeared, including the combat-ready Chunk and the sinister Harvesters.

Bonus Minis

I find the Harvesters particularly creepy. They are very inhuman, but their blank faces and posture creates an uncanny valley vibe that is very unsettling.

Add-On Outbreaks and Shootouts

Some new add-ons have appeared too, starting with two mission logs. The first of these is Outbreak.


In this adventure, traders must mount a rescue mission, venturing aboard a ship that has been overrun by aliens.

The second adventure is Shootout at Zed's.

Shootout at Zed's

This time, the traders must try to survive as they get caught in the middle of a firefight between the Galactic Corps and the criminals of Zed's crew.

These packs come with their own terrain and mission logs, providing exciting new, cinematic scenarios to play through.

Also in the add-ons is the Metropolitan Pack.

Add-On Metropolitan Pack

This new set brings new civilians and security officers with which to fill up the streets. Figures like these always hep to bring games to life, making them more than just self-contained conflicts.

Become A Titan

Lastly, Battle Systems have added a new extra-large pledge level to the Kickstarter, the Titan Pledge.

This pledge brings with it an very large set, as well as its own mission and terrain. In the Accord on Titan, the Traders and Galactic Corps must join together in an unlikely alliance to stop the oncoming Purge.

Core Space seems to be going from strength to strength on Kickstarter, as this selection of goodies attests. it's impressive to see how well it is doing, with the new mission packs being a particularly good touch, adding new dimensions, terrain, and scenarios to your games.

Are you supporting this Kickstarter? Does anything here tempt you to?

"[The Harvesters'] blank faces and posture creates an uncanny valley vibe that is very unsettling."

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