Stronghold’s Doc Snyder & Stranger Join A Wild West Cast

November 19, 2018 by brennon

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Two new characters have been added into the mix by Stronghold Terrain for you to use for your Wild West games of Dead Man's Hand. The first of these is Doc Snyder who has been crafted after the likeness of a Spaghetti Western cowboy.

Doc Snyder - Stronghold Terrain

You could imagine him being a rather flamboyant character what with that hat and all. I'm not entirely sure that he'd be my personal type of gunslinger that I'd want to run with but because of his look, he is rather original.

An Unknown Stranger

As well as Doc Snyder above we also have the Unknown Stranger, a new character that you might fit into the background of your games somewhere.

Unknown Stranger - Stronghold Terrain

This fellow might fit into the background of your games as a more otherworldly figure, appearing from the wilderness to do his deed before vanishing again without so much as a sign of his passing apart from the dead at his feet.

With there being alternative versions of Dead Man's Hand out there with a Weird feel to them it's great to have some characters that fit into that mould.

What do you think of the two new releases?

"What do you think of the two new releases?"

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