Strontium Dog Pre-Orders Now Live From Warlord Games

June 28, 2018 by brennon

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Warlord Games has now started taking pre-orders for the world of Strontium Dog with an awesome looking Starter Set at the head of it all. Will you be delving into The Good, The Bad & The Mutie?

Strontium Dog - The Good, The Bad & The Mutie - Warlord Games.jpg

The set comes with two sets of characters to play as  Johnny Alpha & Wulf Sternhammer face off against the infamous Max Bubba's Gang. You also get all the additional bits and bobs you need to play including custom dice, stat cards, rulebook, scenarios, and even a clutch of terrain thanks to Sarissa Precision.

Beyond The Starter Set

Going beyond that Starter Set you can also pick up a few additional kits to start telling different stories from the comic books. For example here is the Search & Destroy set which comes with Wulf and Johnny mounted up on their bikes, hunting down enemies on the road.

Strontium Dog Search & Destroy - Warlord Games

You can also pick up The Stix Brothers who are looking very creepy indeed!

Strontium Dog The Stix Brothers - Warlord Games

And, if you want to go a little weirder then you also have The Weerdz who truly are some of the oddest...just...plain odd sets of models. I mean, that dude doesn't even have a face!

Strontium Dog The Weerdz - Warlord Games

Of course, if you're going to be getting into Strontium Dog then you might want to get your hands on the special Rulebook Deal which comes with the exclusive version of Johnny Alpha.

Strontium Dog Rulebook + Exclusive Miniature - Warlord Games

So, if you're looking for a good entry point into Strontium Dog, the folks at Warlord Games have provided an interesting window into this weird and wonderful comic book world. Once you get going you might also want to download the Campaign Roster Sheet as well to keep track of how things are going during your games.

Watch this space as there is no doubt going to be more releases coming very soon.

Are you going to be getting in on this?

"Will you be delving into The Good, The Bad & The Mutie?"

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