Studio Miniatures Drop Six New Survivors Into The Mix

September 2, 2019 by brennon

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Studio Miniatures are continuing to offer up new Survivors for you to throw into the mix when playing your quirky games on the tabletop. Six new characters get introduced this month starting off with Melissa & Kaley.

Melissa & Kaley - Studio Miniatures

As with all of their models, the range is focused on producing characters that you'll know from popular culture and dropping them into some horrifying scenarios where they might have to battle the undead and all sorts.

The selection of characters ranges from those who come from Sci-Fi worlds to those of the Old West, maybe like Maggie & Garrit here...

Maggie & Garrit - Studio Miniatures

...or maybe from Fantastical and Historical worlds as you'll see with Kary & Coop. Now, obviously these miniatures don't all have to exist together either and can be dropped into all manner of cool skirmish games and the like from our wide-ranging tabletop world.

Kary & Coop - Studio Miniatures

The real question is, can you identify who all of these characters are? It would be rather fun to see you working it out in the comments below as I was scratching my head for some of them.

Let us know!

"The real question is, can you identify who all of these characters are?"

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