Team Covenant Open Pre-Orders For Marvel Champions Token Sets

September 26, 2019 by brennon

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Team Covenant has now started taking pre-orders for some new Token Sets to coincide with the release of Marvel Champions: The Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games. They are looking, in typical Team Covenant style, very flash indeed.

Hero & Tokens - Team Covenant

The range is called the Cosmic collection and they have options for Heroes, Villains and Schemes. The Hero pack comes lots of options for you to use when marking wounds as well as a series of different status markers.

You can also get a set which has been designed to work with Villains too. This comes with tokens which hit those higher health values and of course a few more status tokens for good measure.

Villain & Tokens - Team Covenant

I love that they have also put a lot of effort into making sure that each of the tokens feels like a cell from a comic book, adding more character to the collection whilst not detracting from its gameplay use as the numbers are still very much front and centre with the designs.

Finally, we also have the Scheme tokens which are also themed appropriately and allow you to track how badly (or well) things are going when it comes to your plans to thwart the evildoers.

Scheme & Tokens - Team Covenant

All of these tokens can then be held in the neat Cosmic Board which has space for tokens along the side as well as a little option for housing the current card. This is of course very much an unneeded purchase but it would work nicely to keep those key cards separate from the rest of the stuff being thrown down onto the tabletop.

As mentioned above, pre-orders are ready to go and I'm very excited to dive into this card game myself.

Could you see yourself snapping up these bespoke tokens?

"I'm very excited to dive into this card game myself..."

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