The Wizards’ Guild Cast Spells On Raging Heroes’ Patreon

August 4, 2021 by brennon

Raging Heroes are back on Patreon this month with a new selection of 32mm miniatures for you to 3D Print at home! The Wizards' Guild is ready to start casting spells and dominating the tabletop with magic.

Wizards' Guild August 2021 // Raging Heroes

Once again, this is an impressive array of miniatures available to Patreon backers. There are two subscription levels that you can go for. The basic level offers a whole host of impressive miniatures but when you plug for that Overlord tier you get more miniatures, terrain and a few oddities too.

The Wizards Guild - Raging Heroes

The Wizards' Guild // Raging Heroes

If you're looking to bolster your force with some impressive spellcasters then this is certainly the monthly bundle for you. You get all manner of amazing arcane masters in the midst of casting something terrifying and deadly. You also get a selection of troops if you were looking to put together a wizard-themed force.

Wizards Guild Azariah - Raging Heroes

Wizards' Guild - Azariah The Witch // Raging Heroes

I do really like the quirky things that Raging Heroes have been doing with their Patreon. They have been tinkering away on loads of impressive miniatures that should slot into loads of different Fantasy and Sci-Fi games. You could also use them as characters for roleplaying games and such too.

They also do inventive things like this! I love this fellow here, conjured to life by magic and now ready to smash all those who would harm the Wizards' Guild.

Wizards Guild Golem - Raging Heroes

Wizards' Guild - Golem // Raging Heroes

Make sure to check out more from their Patreon on the links above and let us know if you're going to be printing these off. I think it would be fun (once again) to paint these up in a similar way to the renders here. It would be an impressive collection.

Are you going to be picking these up and printing them at home?

"I think it would be fun (once again) to paint these up in a similar way to the renders here..."

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