New Great War French Arrive From Wargames Atlantic

August 3, 2021 by avernos

Wargames Atlantic's latest plastic offering returns to the fields of France and the First World War with the French Infantry (1916-1940) box, this being the second set from the War to end all Wars range after last years Germans.

French Infantry (1916-1940) // Wargames Atlantic

This hard plastic set allows you to build up to 35 French infantry equipped for either World War One or World War Two, with enough of each type of rifle and heads for all figures in the box.

World War 1 French // Wargames Atlantic

You can also build the famed Harlem Hellfighters or the Senegalese Tirailleurs, the colonial infantry who fought in both wars. Lebel and Berthier rifles, Chauchatt and FM 24/29, VB rifle grenades, command options and more make this a complete set to bring the French to life in the first half of the 20th Century on the battlefields of Europe and around the world.

Each box contains five pairs of sprues the larger sprue containing the majority of the components and the smaller "half sprue" has the Second World War weapons and the Senegalese Tirailleur hats and knives.

Main French Sprue // Wargames Atlantic

Senegalese Tirailleurs Sprue

Once again it looks like a fantastic set for both early WW2 gaming and WW1 in general. The range of customisation is excellent and being able to field close to an entire force for games like Blood & Valor will be a big draw for a lot of people, needing to use metal miniatures for only small support units or commanders will greatly reduce the cost of fielding a force.

World War 2 French // Wargames Atlantic

If I had one gripe it would be over the Hell Fighters, they work well to make great coat wearing Senegalese tirailleurs and indeed there are photographs of such on the internet if you go looking for them, however, the Harlem Hellfighters were issued with French Adrian helmets and weaponry but retained their standard US Army fatigues. It's a little thing I know, but you could easily keep the heads to convert some plastic US soldiers when they are released and use the rest of this set to make Senegalese tirailleurs and regular French troops. Or if you're not a massive stickler assume that they were issued French uniforms as replacements and go with it. Regardless of what you're planning on fielding Wargames Atlantic have made another excellent set for gamers to get their hands on.

They Shall Not Pass!

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