TTCombat Look Ahead To Flashy New RumbleSlam Wrestlers

December 17, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat has been showing off some of the models which are going to be arriving on the canvas in style for RumbleSlam. Leading the way we have a bunch of very happy looking dead folk who are dancing into the mix.

Moote Carlo Team - TTCombat

From south of the border, we have the rather strange but still increasingly funny looking Moote Carlo Team. All of the different characters bring a range of different Fantasy races to life but I particularly like the two little undead Halfling folk at the bottom who are as cute as they are terrifying. I think RumbleSlam would be a fantastic way for someone to dive in and play something different with a chance to just go wild on the hobby and painting front too.

Next up we're focusing on two extra characters. First off we have the very muscular looking Elf called Fabulous Atoq.

Fabulous Atoq - TTCombat

This fellow is very happy to show off everything when he enters the ring. To be fair, he has the body to do so and I don't think I'd mind ripping my top off if I had those muscles! You could have a lot of fun with this fellow and I love the idea of giving him a very tanned look as if he really enjoys the sun and the beach.

We also have the much creepier looking Belleza Agua who is known for using her otherworldly powers when she hits the mat. She has the power to control water and make sure that she uses that to her advantage during play.

Belleza Agua - TTCombat

All of the models we're seeing for 2020 and RumbleSlam are looking fantastic and very inventive. We've had a lot of fun with RumbleSlam in the past as you can see in some of our Let's Plays...

So, are you tempted by some of these new colourful characters who are going to be popping up as part of their range next year?

Let us know below!

"We've had a lot of fun with RumbleSlam in the past..."

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