Dive Into TTCombat’s Carnevale With Pub Crawls & Wild Vampires

October 7, 2020 by brennon

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Some quirky and bloodthirsty options are coming to TTCombat's Carnevale this weekend as they previewed some new miniatures for both The Guild and The Strigoi. Do you like vampires and Pulcinella?

Pulcinella Pub Crawl - Carnevale

Pulcinella Pub Crawl // Carnevale

First off, as a subfaction within The Guild, you have the rather funny looking Pulcinella Pub Crawl. Take these jovial yet murderous characters and then give them plenty of ale and I think that you're in for quite the good night out. I'm sure that your enemy is going to end up with quite the sore head afterwards!

This set introduces two new Pulcinella models and one that was a Kickstarter freebie back during that campaign. You also have some new character classes like the Firebreather, Brute and Brewer. If you combine the Brewer and the Firebreather together you can imagine how explosive that situation could be.

Aristocracy Of The Night

Drunk on something other than ale, The Strigoi have also got some new options coming as part of Vampiric Aristocracy pack.

Vampiric Aristocracy - Carnevale

Vampiric Aristocracy // Carnevale

This set explores the variety of different vampires which are available to The Strigoi as they go about their business in Carnevale. You get finely dressed Nosferatu who sups blood from the necks of mages and the Moroi who shows off what happens when your body reacts badly to that magical blood. I absolutely love the Moroi and think that's an excellent alternative take on the normally suave vampire character.

You've also got the Starved Dhampir (top left) who hasn't been able to drink blood for a while. There is also a Highborn Servant in the set who is a decidedly fancy vampire in every category that matters. Having been brought up in the lap of luxury they have been able to dedicate a lot of time to learning their craft and now make excellent fighters on the tabletop.

I like both of these faction options for Carnevale but there is something about those new vampires which really catches the eye. That Moroi still kicks ass each time I look at the picture!

What do you make of these new options from TTCombat?

"I absolutely love the Moroi and think that's an excellent alternative take on the normally suave vampire character..."

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