Twelve Elements Of War Heading Back To Kickstarter!

May 1, 2014 by brennon

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Twelve Elements Of War from Sword & Board Games is heading back to Kickstarter on June 1st 2014! The campaign ran out of a little bit of steam last time around but they are back stronger than ever this year.

Twelve Elements of War

The countdown is on and just before the Kickstarter launches they are going to have the rulebook available for digital download on their webstore so you can see what you think of the rules before you pledge.

Bane Knight

Mining Guild Troll

As you might remember they had bunches of great looking miniatures lined up but it just didn't have the power to surge forward for the remaining weeks and it was competing with a whole bunch of other Kickstarters at the time. I know I want to see the Mining Guild make it to the tabletop if nothing else!

Did you pledge last time?

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