Twelve Elements of War Returns to Kickstarter!

June 3, 2014 by dracs

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Sword and Board Games have teamed up with River Horse to once again make their fantasy game Twelve Elements of War a reality with the help of Kickstarter.

Twelve Elements of War

At first glance, Twelve Elements of War seems like your fairly standard fantasy skirmish game. However, where other games might have factions comprised of a specific race, the various factions of Twelve Elements are comprised of multiple races, with individual members of a race perhaps owing allegiance to completely different warbands.

The rulebook for this game is already available in digital format. The purpose of this new Kickstarter is to help create the miniatures that will bring the fantasy world to life.

Shadow Hold Bane Knight

Shadow Hold Elf

Shadow Hold Faun

Mining Guild Elf

Mining Guild Goblin

Mining Guild Troll

Sword and Board have already produced at least one miniature, so we can get an idea what to expect from the sculpts themselves.

Shadow Hold Troll

Twelve Elements of War is a fantasy game that I think holds plenty of promise to it. The background is particularly interesting, and I love the idea of forming a warband out of individual races. Somehow, it just adds a load more character and story behind them, rather than being comprised of just uniform minis.

Are you going to chip in on this Kickstarter?

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