Two New Giants In Miniature From Wargames Illustrated

August 14, 2020 by brennon

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Wargames Illustrated has two new Giants In Miniature for you, both from very different periods of time. The first of these is Captain K who might be familiar to those who have watched a certain comedy that came out relatively recently.

Captain K - Wargames Illustrated

Captain K // Wargames Illustrated

As the team from Wargames Illustrated has said...

"He shouldn’t be mistaken for the Nazi officer who trained Hitler Youth recruits and took part in the defence of ‘the city’ following the invasion of Soviet troops, whilst dressed in an elaborate homemade outfit."

If you're looking for someone to use in your games as an alternative leader for your German army or maybe something a little more "weird" then this might be a good option. Because of his look, you could maybe even use him in something which is a little earlier than World War II too.

War Of The Roses

As well as Captain K from a more modern setting, you've also got Lord Callan for those fighting during the War Of The Roses.

Lord Callan - Wargames Illustrated

Lord Callan // Wargames Illustrated

Lord Callan is armed with his dangerous Billhook, not a typical weapon for a heavily armoured knight. He has no qualms about fighting for the House Of Lancaster or York and will lead them to victory on the tabletop no doubt. He is a good match for the new rules for Never Mind The Billhooks.

Are you going to be checking out either of these characters?

"Are you going to be checking out either of these characters?"

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