Vespa “Minx” Merdena Hits The Ash Wastes Of Necromunda

April 21, 2022 by brennon

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The Dramatis Personae are popping up for Necromunda: Ash Wastes. Leading the way is an Orlock character in the form of Vespa "Minx" Merdena. Her wild red hair is going to be flowing in the wind as she guns down approaching foes.

Vespa Minx Merdena - Necromunda

Vespa "Minx" Merdena // Necromunda

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Vespa is the daughter of Slate Merdena (who is already available over on the Forge World webstore) and she is a proper wild child. She has a taste for violence and carries an exceptionally big weapon that is going to turn Dustmites into chunks of smoking meat.

She is joined by Big Pete Plainsman who controls her upgraded Orlock Quad. They find themselves operating out of Cinderak City and work for the Orlocks and anyone else who is up for a fight.

Vespa Minx Merdena Details - Necromunda

Vespa "Minx" Merdena (Details) // Necromunda

Her weapon of choice is called Mischief and it's a rapid-fire rocket launcher that fires frag and krak missiles. It seems like just what you'd need for putting a hole in a Cargo-8 Ridgehauler that might have been commandeered by a rival faction.

More Forge World Dramatis Personae for Necromunda are coming soon. Keep an eye out to see what they do next.

Do you like the look of Vespa?

"She is joined by Big Pete Plainsman who controls her upgraded Orlock Quad..."

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