Fantasy Flight Games Let Loose Waiqar the Undying’s Cruel Cavalry

August 16, 2017 by thisisazrael

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Fantasy Flight Games have been coming out with a steady stream of Runewars releases, adding to the depth you can get from the Core Box and their latest update with the Death Knights is no different.

Runewars Death Knights

"Death Knights are dangerous foes of the living, their tormented spirits overcome with an intense jealousy for the free will of mortals. To many Death Knights, the act of slaughter is more than just obeying orders—it is the only way they can express their hatred for those not cursed with undeath."

Waiqar armies have been crying out for a fast moving option to protect those flanks and my goodness do these guys deliver.

Runewars Death Knights Cards

First up their unit card; a three for defense, two red die AND a blue dice in melee plus always subtracting a Mortal Wound when defending makes these guys as tough as nails.

They have the Impact special rule to cause panic on the charge which you would expect from cavalry, however, these guys deal more panic with more active Stable runes on the table.

Runewars Death Knights Panic

The timing for that charge will be important but thankfully they have tricks on their command dial to support.

Runewars Death Knights Command Dial

On their modifier dial, the Death Knights can add +1 to their charge range which when combined with an initiative nine march means you can really pick your moment and still have the range to strike.

Once engaged in melee these guys hit hard too with a Mortal Strike on their modifier dial meaning your big models like Rune Golems are going to hate these guys.

The box set also comes with five upgrade cards and one, in particular, caught my eye, Obcasium's Gauntlet.

Runewars Death Knights Gauntlet

The item can be exhausted to apply the "Death's Grasp" condition.

While afflicted by Death's Grasp units will suffer wounds(!) equal to the number of stable runes in play before each End Phase.

This is a nightmare for heroes and big units as it's going to completely get around defense.

As ever I'm really glad to see the armies of Runewars continue to flesh out and I think as 2017 continues and these land in Q3 we should see the game start to come to life.

What do you think of the Death Knights?

"This is a nightmare for heroes and big units as it's going to completely get around defense"

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