Pick Up Warcradle Studios Festive Miniatures For Christmas

December 10, 2021 by brennon

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The existing Festive Miniatures collection from Warcradle Studios is now available to pick up from the Wayland Games webstore! You can snap up all of the pre-existing miniatures from Mythos and Wild West Exodus for use in your games this holiday season.

Christmas Miniatures - Wayland Games

Christmas Miniatures // Wayland Games

These miniatures are available from now until the end of the month. We'll start with some Wild West Exodus and three characters that would look great when introduced into the mix alongside your wintery warbands.

Krampus Rex - Wild West Exodus

Krampus Rex // Wild West Exodus

"Children all along the Frontier are used to hearing about Krampus Rex from their parents..."

The first of the miniatures is Krampus Rex who can be used as Carcosa Rex in your games of Wild West Exodus. If you missed out on the miniature back in 2018 then you might want to snap it up this time around.

Kyle The Red & White is the miniature from 2017 who is back on the tabletop once more. He even has a few presents to give out!

Kyle The Red And White - Wild West Exodus

Kyle The Red & White // Wild West Exodus

"Dare you give Kyle the Red & White a kiss under his mistletoe? Not if you are fond of your lips and face you won't!"

This miniature can be used as Kyle The Black and you can then throw in the K9 Attack Dog alongside him with "Max" The Attack Dog. A fun way to put together a neat Christmas-based scenario where you have to steal his presents?

Lastly for Wild West Exodus, we have Madre Navidad which was the miniature from 2019.

Madre Navidad - Wild West Exodus

Madre Navidad // Wild West Exodus

"Dashing through the snow on her heavily armoured 'reindeer', Madre Navidad can often be seen delivering toys to well-behaved children in the farmsteads around Rio Senora. The thunder heard late at night is said to be the Madre destroying Hex-Beasts and other abominations with her explosive puddings."

This miniature can be used as Madre Monica Perez in your games and comes mounted atop a rather special looking steed. I like the idea of using these as festive miniatures for those who might collect each of the factions they represent. A good present for the person who has everything?

Mythos' Morozko!

As well as the miniatures for Wild West Exodus, you can also pick up Morozko for those who are diving into games of Mythos.

Morozko - Mythos

Morozko // Mythos

"Some know how to summon and bind him, others know how to entice him and sometimes he will simply arrive and join the fray on one side or another."

Morozko can be used by all of the factions in Mythos and the kit comes with two miniatures. You can make the Kind and Unkind version of the character so when things turn ugly, you can bash your enemies with that nasty crook!

He can bestow gifts on his allies and boost their effectiveness or end up turning nasty and savaging his enemies. A solid ally for you to use in a few festive scenarios I reckon. All of the festive miniatures are available right now and you can get your hands on them all the way through the month of December.

Which one are you going to be picking up?

Disclosure: OnTableTop and its companies are part of the group of companies owned and operated by Wayland Games Ltd since 12/10/2020.

"All of the festive miniatures are available right now and you can get your hands on them all the way through the month of December..."

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