Warhammer Fest 2022 – Age Of Sigmar Day Two Preview Round-Up!

May 6, 2022 by fcostin

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The second day of Warhammer Fest is behind us, with the day themed to Age of Sigmar. With a whirlwind of previews prior for Warhammer 40K, and the next few days laid out to Kill Team, Necromunda, Warcry and The Horus Heresy. The AoS announcements bring forth battle tomes, new minis and a look at the Mortals within the Mortal Realms.


Skaven Deathmaster Revealed // Warhammer

The first up to be previewed are the filthy rat-beings of Age of Sigmar, the Skaven. Bringing forth a new stealthy Skaven assassin, embedded in its environment - The Skaven Deathmaster is scuttling into battle wielding blades wherever he can.

Skaven Deathmaster Preview - Warhammer Community

Skaven Deathmaster Preview // Warhammer Community

Alongside the upcoming miniature, there has been confirmation of the upcoming battle tome for the Grand Alliance Chaos - the children of the Horned Rat. Set to be coming to retail soon! So you won't need to wait too long to add this to a new Skaven army - you could start building with the Skittershank’s Clawpack from Warhammer Underworlds.


Lady of the Vines and New Sylvaneth Revealed // Warhammer

The Skaven were not the only faction to be getting some new models and a battle tome. The Sylvaneth are gearing up for a ton of new models, bringing a gorgeous Lady of the Vines model for resurrection and revenge, Gossamid Archers for lethal aerial blows, and more bug-riders with the Spiterider Lancers wielding speed and agility which will come in two different builds, new Sylvaneth, and Revenant Seekers to take care of fallen soldiers.

Lady of the Vines Preview - Warhammer Community

Lady of the Vines Preview // Warhammer Community

To be able to flex these models on the table, including the bug cavalry and woodland warriors, a new battle tome entitled Battletome: Sylvaneth will be making its way to retail stores over the next few weeks.

General's Handbook

Providing players with new ways to get stuck into war, the newest General's Handbook 2022 volume kicks off the first within the new season. Across the Realm of the Beasts, players will be diving into new objectives, rules, strategies, tactics and core battalions. There are also 12 battleplans that will run alongside this season of infantry reclaiming Ghur.

Generals Handbook Preview - Warhammer Community

Generals Handbook Preview // Warhammer Community

Depending on how you want to play your game, whether it be narratively or competitively - the upcoming General's Handbook will provide players with options before embarking on a wage of war.

The Cities of Sigmar

Take Up the Coin Malleus, Dawnbringer // Warhammer

Quite an interesting announcement here, taking focus away from the ghouls, monsters and fantasy creatures alike - Warhammer is looking in a different direction featuring the mortals of the Mortal Realms.

Inspired by the ven Densts and Elemda Braskov from the Cursed City box, Warhammer is taking a look at the ordinary humans of Sigmar. Currently pulling together the Free Cities, Warhammer will be encouraging players to dip into some pre-release narrative as the righteous humans will not be coming for a while.

"You can follow those who take up the Coin Malleus – a sacred, symbolic payment given to members of a Dawnbringer Crusade – and join us on Warhammer Community as we journey through the Warhammer Studio’s development of this jaw-dropping project." - Warhammer Community.

Early Miniature Renders - Warhammer Community

Early Miniature Render Previews // Warhammer Community

Alongside the announcement, Warhammer Community did tease some small renders which include emblems and symbols to showcase humanity's God-worshipping standpoint within the Mortal Realms.

Slaves To Darkness Ogriod Theridons

Ogroid Theridons Revealed // Warhammer

There is now full confirmation of Chaos! The Ogriods are expanding gearing up to have a full squad-type unit - with two different options of build - wielding two-handed weapons or sword and shield combo. Simply bestowing as total tanks on the tabletop.

Ogroid Preview - Warhammer Community

Ogroid Preview // Warhammer Community

"This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the ogroids, of course – the pit-fighting Myrmidon has been a regular celebrity in the Warcry arena for some time, while the arcane Thaumaturge practices its deadly magic within Tzeentch’s armies. The Ogroid Theridons join them as a powerful heavy infantry option for the Slaves to Darkness" - Warhammer Community

Alike the other announcements, there is no direct date nailed down for the Ogroids for Age of Sigmar, but we can expect their hooves to be drumming a little closer to Wintertime.

The Black Library

Revealed: Two New Black Library Character Models // Warhammer

The final announcement for the day sees the development of the Black Library. Normally with The Black Library announcements - we can expect a new title to immerse ourselves deeper in. Whether it be via audiobook or eyes to a page - there are still some new titles incoming. But this time, with familiar faces of character models too.

Incoming two new titles from the Black Library, ready to be flexed in Age of Sigmar. The release of the Arkanaut’s Oath book will head to retail alongside character miniature, Drekki Flynt. Who you may recognise from The Lost Karak and Krenkha Gorogna. And the second title, brings forth a Vampire protagonist Hollow King with the Cado Ezechiar model holding up his first full title.

Warhammer Fest Schedule - Warhammer Community

Warhammer Fest Schedule // Warhammer Community

That's it for Age of Sigmar folks. The rest of the event will run over today and tomorrow. Specialist games like Kill Team, Warcry and Necromunda will be previewing today and finally finishing the event with The Horus Heresy tomorrow. For the full set of previews and a close up of the upcoming models - be sure to check out coverage of Warhammer Fest 2022 on the Warhammer Community.

I personally love the Sylvaneth models. And more bug mounts?! What has drawn your eye from the previews coming to Age of Sigmar?

"The Skaven were not the only faction to be getting some new models and a battletome! "

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