Westfalia Miniatures Produce Some Deadly Female Adventurers

January 15, 2016 by brennon

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Westfalia Miniatures have shown off some models they've been working on for your tabletop role-playing adventures. See what you think of this Rogue, Fighter and Barbarian which have appeared alongside their successfully funded Halfling army...


First up we'll take a look at the Rogue who is hanging out on some masonry after probably stealing a fair amount of jewels and more from an unworthy baron. See what you think of her...

Rogue #1

Rogue #2

I think her posing is great and the outfit is wonderful. I like that it looks like it would be light enough to wear as a Rogue but with that added fur-edging which shows off what kind of world she lives in. I wonder what target she's spied below her?


Shielding herself from the weather as she trudges forward towards her next tavern on the road we have the Fighter with shield held high and hefty sword in hand. A big thumbs up for the scale mail and the flowing cloak which gives you an idea as to the weather.

Warrior #1

Warrior #2

She's wearing a similar cloak to the thief which makes me think that they worked together as a group and bought their cloaks from the same shop!


Last but not least we have the burly Barbarian. She looks a little over the top for a Barbarian with that insane ruff-like cloak but I think that plays into the insanity of the Barbarian mindset.

Barbarian #1

Barbarian #2

While I quite like the smug look on her face I would like to see a version of the Barbarian with her axe swinging into some poor sod. Could this make for the next big role-playing band you put together?

Which of the three is your favourite?

"A big thumbs up for the scale mail and the flowing cloak which gives you an idea as to the weather..."

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