Westfalia Tease More Heroes Of Aventuria For Kickstarter

August 15, 2018 by brennon

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Westfalia Miniatures continue the previews ahead of their The Dark Eye Kickstarter which looks to bring iconic characters to life from this German role-playing game. The Heroes Of Aventuria are coming together nicely!

Heroes Of Aventuria - Westfalia Miniatures

I know we've talked about these previews a lot over the last couple of weeks but it's hard to ignore just how good the sculpting is here. Each of the characters has oodles of detail sculpted into them and the facial details are fantastic.

I can't wait to see what characters are presented as part of this Kickstarter because they could be used not only for The Dark Eye but across all manner of role-playing and skirmish games too.

Are you going to be backing this come 20th September?

"Are you going to be backing this come 20th September?"

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