Westfalia Prepare For Their Wild & Bestial Feral Lands Kickstarter

November 8, 2018 by brennon

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Westfalia Miniatures are going to be returning to Kickstarter very soon with their Feral Lands project which looks to bring not only their Elves to the tabletop but also some wild Beastmen too.

The Feral Lands - Westfalia

If you haven't seen some of the work by Westfalia before then you're missing out. These folks make some fantastic Fantasy creatures and characters who are full of character. They are perfect for alternative warbands in your skirmish games and throwing into the mix alongside other game lines.

I could see these big Beastmen being used to throw into the mix for games like Frostgrave for example, storming down from the snowy mountains to fight those who would threaten their lands.

Feral Lands Beastman - Westfalia Miniatures

I really like that they manage to capture some great moments in their sculpts. You could imagine this Beastman above roaring out a challenge as his brethren break from the cover of the trees and charge towards their foes.

I mentioned Feral Elves above as well and as you can see they've really hit the nail on the head here.

Feral Elves - Westfalia Miniatures

There is a distinctly Native American vibe coming off these (did the backdrop and feathers give it away?) but you could easily theme these Elves to be from all manner of different climates.

I really like Elves which are much more in touch with their Fae ancestry compared to those prissy High Elves we always end up seeing in their gleaming armour. So, when these popped up I was immediately on board.

Westfalia and Warploque for my money make some of the best Elves out there right now and with their Kickstarter coming around November 20th I will be hard pressed to ignore going in on it!

What do you think of the previews for this range?

"Westfalia and Warploque for my money make some of the best Elves out there right now..."

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