Wild West Exodus’ Hour Of The Wolf Posse Available For Pre-Order

February 7, 2019 by brennon

Warcradle has made a new Posse available for pre-order for Wild West Exodus and this one is for my favourite faction, the Warrior Nation. Take a peek at the Hour Of The Wolf Posse...

Hour Of The Wolf Posse Box - Wild West Exodus

Led by Ghost Wolf, a powerful Spirit Walker, this set gives you three different characters to play with alongside four supporting characters too.

Hour Of The Wolf Posse #1 - Wild West Exodus

Included in the set you get Ghost Wolf himself, Hawkeye and Moonshift plus two Weylyn Spirit Walker and the Hunting Wolves. I love the sculpts for the Warrior Nation as they draw on that Native American background whilst also throwing in a few of those quirky things that make Wild West Exodus stand out.

I love the raw power and strength that comes across with these miniatures compared to the machinery and engineering of the other factions.

Hour Of The Wolf Posse #2 - Wild West Exodus

I might not actually play Wild West Exodus (and so their effectiveness in game escapes me) but I love the sculpts. It's certainly one of those factions where you might buy the odd model or two just to paint up. I mean, who doesn't like Werewolves!?

Community Feedback

In addition to this Posse release, Warcradle also held a Q&A session towards the end of January where they answered some questions from the community. You can watch it below...

Make sure to drop your comments in on this two as the team look forward to more in 2019.

What do you think of this Posse?

"I mean, who doesn't like Werewolves!?"

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