Oathsworn Bring A Burrows & Badgers Bear To Salute ’23

March 21, 2023 by brennon

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Oathsworn Miniatures recently showed off some of the impressive miniatures coming to Burrows & Badgers at Salute 2023. They are going to be running a fun demo game at the event which features a long-awaited creature, the Brown Bear!

Brown Bear #1 - Burrows & Badgers

Brown Bear // Burrows & Badgers

Considering the scale of the other animals in Burrows & Badgers, the Brown Bear was always going to be a pretty sizable creation! Coming in as a "giant" within the world of Burrows & Badgers, it seems like this Brown Bear has seen some action and claimed some prizes in his time.

Brown Bear #2 - Burrows & Badgers

Brown Bear // Burrows & Badgers

I really like the attention to detail on his trousers and the extra accessories that he has haphazardly tied to his outfit to protect him from harm. The use of the grave as the head of his club/axe is also pretty on point and reminds me of classic Warhammer Giants. The whole thing has got that vibe which is neat.

Michael is going to be figuring out the rules for this fellow and then adding him into a demo game against some (probably) panicking foes. What do you use to take down a Brown Bear? A cannon of course!

Tarrin Crum, the Mole Engineer, has been tasked with taking down the Brown Bear and so has commissioned this new invention. He is ready to field test it and see if his weapons are able to bring down the giant.

Tarrin Crum & Cannon Crew - Burrows & Badgers

Tarrin Crum & Cannon Crew // Burrows & Badgers

It looks like Tarrin is going to be watching from afar as his able assistants do all of the busy work. As well as the crew for these cannons, Crum has also hired a band of expendable Tunneljacks who have been told that they need to distract the great beast!

Tunneljacks - Burrows & Badgers

Tunneljacks // Burrows & Badgers

The demo game is going to be set at night and will feature the Tunneljacks trying to distract the rampaging Brown Bear. If the artillery fails then they might also get tasked with attempting to lure the giant into a pit trap or two!

It seems like the Tunneljacks and Mole Engineer (plus Cannon and Crew) are going to become available at Salute (all things being well!) and it would also be great to see the Brown Bear come up for sale as well.

Could you be tempted to snap up these miniatures or indeed just play the demo game at Salute?

"What do you use to take down a Brown Bear? A cannon of course!"

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