On the Table: S4 Ep7… Win a Signed 40K 5th Rulebook

May 24, 2012 by brennon

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Welcome to another episode of On the Table. This time we delve into the depths of the mountains to cover Dark Dwarves and Dungeon Crawling as well as heading into Sci-Fi heaven for a look at some exclusive Dropzone Commander images! On top of all that we have masses more news for you to sink your teeth into.


There's also a chance to WIN a special Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition rulebook signed by Alessio Cavatore himself!
(This prize is not sponsored by Games Workshop PLC)

All you have to do to enter is head on over to this forum and give us your cheesiest, book breaking, spine snapping, Cavatore seething rule or tactic from the current outgoing Edition.

After all the Stinking Bishop has been accumulated the team here at Beasts of War will trawl through for TWO lucky winners. The closing date is June 6th.

Bend the rules in this forum (click here).

Add your entry click here

Last Winner

Also the lucky winner of the Games Workshop Painting Station from the last episode is...


Story Links

  1. 00:48 RPG Greatness from Reaper
  2. 01:28 Empire of the Dead from West Wind
  3. 02:32 Exclusive Dropzone Commander Images
  4. 04:00 Kromlech's Sci-Fi Bitz
  5. 04:31 Cool Mini or Not Limited Editions
  6. 05:09 Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Ed
  7. 06:05 Ziterdies Modern/Sci-Fi Terrain
  8. 06:55 Recent Releases for Anima Tactics
  9. 07:42 Titan Wargames Dwarves
  10. 08:33 New Bushido Faction: The Ito
  11. 09:18 Chapterhouse Tau Upgrades
  12. 10:15 Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game
  13. 10:53 Win a Signed 40K 5th Rulebook
  14. 12:13 How to Play Infinity Part 7

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