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On The Table Ezine (And New Shows) Launching


We are launching our new Weekly Ezine and combining it and On The Table into the ultimate package... We're talking about it after the jump...

On The Table: 2013 Season Six Round-Up!


It's time for our New Years episode and once you've all got over the cloudy head from New Years Eve you can relax with our bumper show where we look back at some of the greatest moments from Season Six of 2013.

On The Table s6 ep9: Mega-Awesome Christmas Episode!


On The Table s6 ep8: Avalon, 7 Wonders & Fireforge Crusaders!


It's time for another awesome episode of On The Table! Check out some games that MUST be in your collection for the holiday season to come.

On The Table Episode 8 Moved To Thursday 5th Of December!


We've had a bit of a bodge around with the schedule and the next On The Table will be out not this Thursday but the next!

On The Table s6 ep7: Deadzone, Mouseguard & Star Trek…Engage!


On The Table s6 ep6: Halloween Spooktacular!


On The Table S6 Ep5: Fortune & Glory, Fairytales & Warboards!


On the Table s6 ep4: Golems, Waterdeep & Whitechapel!


It's that time again. Welcome to another episode of On the Table where we talk Golems, Scoundrels and much, much more! You can also find out the winner of the Ultimate DreadBall prize and a chance to WIN Mice & Mystics!

On the Table: Star Wars Football, 40K Marines & Dreadball Prize!


Showin' off awesome things you might have missed from the world of wargaming, card games and board games. We even throw in a bit of role-playing too! No, not like that!

On the Table s6 ep2: Heresy, Cthulhu & Dropzone Commander!


On The Table is back for episode two and we have plenty more shiny to show you! Don't forget you can also net yourself a cool prize and to find out what it is, get watching!

On The Table s6 ep1: Malifaux 2E, Battlestar & Tour of Duty!


...and we're back! On The Table has returned to bring you a slice of the tabletop gaming world and serve up a portion of shiny syndrome too! We might also have a prize for you!

On The Table s5 ep10: Myth, Otherworld & Mutant Chronicles!


It's the final episode of the season but we have plenty of awesome news from the geek gaming world. What will catch your eye?

On the Table s5 ep9: Infinity, Dragons & Flames of War!


In this episode: Dystopian Wars, the return of DRAKE to Kickstarter, another Infinity exclusive & a HUGE Gale Force Nine give away!

On the Table s5 ep8: Massive Dropzone Commander Prize


It's time for another packed show and we have a massive bundle of Dropzone Commander Starter Armies up for grabs!

On the Table s5 ep7: Batman, Zombicide & DreamForge!


We're back with another episode of On the Table! This time around Batman has decided to make a double appearance with stunning miniatures from Knight Models and a new board game by WizKids.

On the Table s5 ep6: Massive Empire of the Dead Prize Draw!


In this episode we delve into the Chaos Wastes, explore deadly dungeons with Dwarven Forge & have a fantastic Empire of the Dead prize!

On the Table s5 ep5: Dystopian Legions, Rivet Wars & Titan-Forge!


Welcome back to another episode of On the Table! This time we take a look at Dystopian Legions, Rivet Wars, Pirates Vs Dinosaurs (Yes that's a thing!) and a dice building game for Lord of the Rings!

On the Table s5 ep4: Gates of Antares, D&D & Bushido!


We're back for a new year full of tabletop gaming! This episode we take a look at Cthulhu, Castle, Magic: The Gathering and even the fantastic new Kickstarter from Rick Priestley, Gates of Antares!

Join Us Tonight For the On the Table Hangout


Hey folks! If you missed the Hang Out last night you can now watch it via Youtube right in here. Join us for an hour of waxing lyrical about all things gaming!

The Hobbit, Kingdom Death & Infinity – ON THE TABLE s5 ep3


It's still a bit hectic here at the new studio but that doesn't stop us bringing you another On The Table featuring The Hobbit, an exclusive Infinity miniature and plenty of Kickstarters!

Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, and THON – “ON THE TABLE” Episode 2!


Beasts of War may be moving studios but that won't stop us from bringing you the latest goings on in our great hobbies.

On The Table S5-Ep1; Starwars, Batman and Incredible Infinity Sculpt!


It's a brand new episode of On the Table from its brand new home at Geek and Sundry.

On the Table is Back!


That's right folks, On The Table is on its way back to your screens for another Season, this time however we have teamed up with those fine folk over at Geek and Sundry to continue spreading the awesomeness that is […]

On the Table S4 Ep10…Win Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace!


This time we delve into the awesome world of MERCS, fight against Alien Invasions from Defiance Games & check out some absolutely outstanding terrain from Terraclips.

On the Table S4 Ep9…Win a Menoth Vessel of Judgement!


Hey there folks, its On the Table time again! This time we delve into a world of Mice & Mystics, experience Cthulhu horror and face the weird world of Fanticide. Oh and you can win a Protectorate of Menoth Vessel of Judgement!

On the Table: S4 Ep8… Win Malifaux Starter Sets!


Watch this episode for a chance to WIN a Malifaux Starter Set and we reveal who won the signed Warhammer 40,000 5th Ed Rulebooks!

On the Table: S4 Ep7… Win a Signed 40K 5th Rulebook


In this episode we have Dark Dwarves, Dropzone Commander Previews and much, much more from the world of war gaming! There's even a Warhammer 40,000 competition you don't want to miss!

On the Table: Series 4 Ep. 6… Win GW Citadel Paint Station


In this episode you can enjoy a wide range of coolness from super animal minis from Dark Sword Miniatures to sleek drop ships from Hawk Wargames but also you have the chance to win a Citadel Paint Station simply by commenting below before the end of May 23rd.

On the Table: Series 4 Episode 5… Warpath Marauders Giveaway!


Tune in to this episode for details on how to WIN a Warpath Marauders Army!

On the Table: Series 4 Episode 4


We're back once again to bring you the latest Tabletop News! So sit back, relax and enjoy Comic Superheroes, Grizzled Sci-Fi Warriors, and Fantasy Masterpieces galore!

On the Table: Series 4 Episode 3


In this episode we have some exceptional releases with Warhammer Forge's terrifying Basilisk, the entrance of the Soviet forces into DUST and more!

On the Table: Series 4 Episode 2


Another couple of weeks have flown by and it’s now time to have another look at what’s been going on in the world of Tabletop gaming.

On the Table Returns for its 4th Series!


After a break between series On the Table is back on TV to fill your screens with all things wargaming!

On the Table returns on the 1st March


On the Table returns on the 1st March to the web and will also broadcast on TV at 17:30 GMT on channels Sky 201 & Freesat 403.

On the Table: End of year clip show!


It’s almost the end of 2011 so we are taking a look back over what’s been cool in On the Table this year. We have stories from across the series covering products from no less than 33 companies!

On the Table 15 Dec 2011


We're back again for another look at what's new and cool in the world of tabletop gaming. It's nearly Xmas and maybe there's something here that might just fill the last space in your stocking!

On the Table 01 Dec 2011


With Christmas appearing on the horizon this week's On the Table brings you all the latest wargaming news and releases so you know just what to ask Santa for this year.

On the Table 17 Nov 2011


As always this week On the Table is packed with all sorts of goodies presented in HD by Warren.

On the Table 03 Nov 2011


On the Table returns for yet another avalanche of wargaming news brought to your T.V and computer. This time the show has been invaded by Romeo from Battle Foam!

TURN 8 – The one about Gaelcon, new deliveries… and yes… some Necrons!


No Warren tonight I'm afraid he's got the man-flu, but plenty of chat about our recent trip to the Gaelcon Tournament, all the cool new stuff you can see soon on BoW and even... some Necrons!

On the Table 20 Oct 2011


It's storming back for its second TV episode... that's right it's On the Table, your show about your hobby and this week it's a jam-packed show with a massive 19 stories!

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