Osprey’s The Doomed Coming Soon – Get Your Pre-Orders In!

July 25, 2023 by brennon

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The Doomed is coming very soon from the folks at Osprey Games! 3rd August will be your time to get stuck in and start monster hunting in an apocalyptic world and the folks behind the game have been sharing some insight into what awaits you.

The Doomed - Osprey Games JUL

The Doomed // Osprey Games

Chris McDowall has been over on the Osprey Games Blog talking about the background of The Doomed and the kind of game they are bringing to the tabletop. There are two Blog Posts out at the moment (at the time of writing) which explore the World and also the Core Mechanics that you'll want to get your head around. The focus of the game has very much been around making the mechanics very simple whilst also opening it up as a dramatic and narrative game packed with monster-hunting mayhem.

The Factions Of The Doomed

As well as talking mechanics, the folks at Osprey have also been sharing some of the gorgeous art from Helge C. Balzer that should give you some good starting points to begin kitbashing your favourite warband.

Inheritor Courts - The Doomed

Inheritor Courts // The Doomed

The Inheritor Courts are "The Cursed" and they have visual themes of helmets, autumn, nobility and heraldry amongst others. If you're someone who has a lot of Warhammer 40,000 miniatures lying around then they might be a good starting point for those wanting to dive in. Additionally, you can do some good mixing and matching for this faction using the plastic kits from North Star.

You could also go down the route of the terrifying Martyr Retinues.

Martyr Retinues - The Doomed

Martyr Retinues // The Doomed

This warband features themes of winter, bionics, death and chivalry. Who wouldn't want to get stuck in with some heavy armour, plenty of strange bionic elements and BIG guns? I can sense a lot of people bringing out the guitar strings to make these miniatures.

If you want to get seriously weird when you can call on the twisted mutants that make up the Reborn Covens.

Reborn Covens - The Doomed

Reborn Covens // The Doomed

The focus here is on spring, mutations, growth and revolution. If you are super into picking up all manner of twisted creations for your collection then I could see this being a good way for you to begin this warband. Stick a bunch of tentacles on things and plenty of slavering tongues plus play around with lots of rust I reckon!

Last but not least we have the strange Exile Bands.

Exile Bands - The Doomed

Exile Bands // The Doomed

The Exile Bands are all about blood, summer and chitin. You could play around with a lot of organic material for these folks alongside claws, multiple eyes, armour plates and more. There are lots of impressive miniatures out there from different creators, especially within the 3D Printing sphere, that would be great for this warband.

Has this given you some inspiration when it comes to making your favoured warband in The Doomed?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Has this given you some inspiration when it comes to making your favoured warband in The Doomed?"

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