Osprey Announce New Books For Frostgrave, Stargrave & More

January 25, 2023 by brennon

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Osprey Games have quite a packed calendar when it comes to wargames. Joseph A. McCullough has been at it again with a whole host of new books coming out covering Frostgrave, Stargrave and The Silver Bayonet. The man can't be stopped!

Side Hustle - Stargrave 23

Side Hustle // Stargrave

One of the first releases for this year and one that we've talked about before on the site is Side Hustle. This is a card deck for Stargrave that comes with forty Side Hustle missions, plots and tasks that you'll be asked to undertake whilst playing your regular scenarios.

Some of these missions will be secret, some will be revealed to your opponent and all of them are going to be a bit of fun! You'll be able to keep your opponents guessing as you wander off into strange areas of the tabletop or seem strangely fascinated by that one member of their crew. I am a big fan of side missions in games and this seems perfect for an already narrative-focused Sci-Fi skirmish game.

Side Hustle will be available in March but you might want to look ahead to October (UK) and January 2024 (US) for Bold Endeavour.

Bold Endeavour - Stargrave

Bold Endeavour // Stargrave

Bold Endeavour has you heading into strange and uncharted regions of space with your crew. You'll find a host of new scenarios within where you'll be making first contact with alien species. This means new technology, crew options and rules for tinkering with your ship. There will also be a host of unexpected events that might trigger as you soar through the black in search of adventure.

I am all for pushing new frontiers and going where no man has gone before. Just make sure that you don't touch that massive, pulsing alien monolith that happens to be crackling with energy.


Going from Sci-Fi to Fantasy, we also have The Wildwoods for Frostgrave which got a sneaky preview in the early portion of this year.

The Wildwoods - Frostgrave 23

The Wildwoods // Frostgrave

As the name would suggest, you'll be heading out into the Wildwoods and away from the relative safety of Felstad, The Frozen City. Your Wizards and their apprentices will be able to call on the aid of new soldiers and find magical items that will help you survive this dark and treacherous environment. It's not just the forest that can kill either as there will be new creatures for you to face across a myriad of different scenarios.

Go down to the woods in June and you'll be sure to find yourself facing a big surprise or two. I'm fairly sure that that Wizard just stole the polar bear's picnic basket.

The Silver Bayonet

Not to be forgotten, there is also going to be a brand new supplement for The Silver Bayonet dropping in May.

The Carpathians Castle Fier - Osprey Games

The Carpathians - Castle Fier // Osprey Games

The Carpathians - Castle Fier takes you deep into the horror aspect of this Napoleonic Gothic Horror wargame. Your specialised unit of soldiers will have to fight their way through the ruins of a sprawling and most certainly haunted castle. There will be two campaigns in the book where one is designated for competitive play whilst the other could be played solo or cooperatively.

A haunted castle in the mountains sounds perfect for a bloodsucker to call home but there will be all manner of new monsters to fight. There might even be a few treasures worth snatching if you're feeling brave enough.

We'll have more details on these as and when they land throughout the year. As you can see, McCullough really has been a busy chap!

Which book are you most looking forward to?

"As you can see, McCullough really has been a busy chap!"

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