Pre-Order New Fireheart & Barbarian Miniatures For Frostgrave!

August 22, 2022 by brennon

North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games have joined forces once again to provide folks with an awesome range of new 28mm metal and plastic miniatures for use with Frostgrave. This time they are focused on Barbarians and the new Fireheart supplement!

Frostgrave Pre-Orders - North Star Military Figures

Frostgrave: Fireheart Pre-Orders // North Star Military Figures

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The first of the new sets that we should mention come in the form of the new Frostgrave Barbarians II. This set comes with all the bits you need to make twenty plastic Female Barbarians that can be added to your warbands.

Barbarians II - Frostgrave

Barbarians II // Frostgrave

As is the case with all of the North Star plastic kits, these can be mixed and matched as you see fit to create some very awesome Barbarian warriors for your skirmish games and perhaps even mass battle games too. Slot these in alongside the Soldiers set and you've got a myriad of options for example.

Barbarians II Sprues - Frostgrave

Barbarians II Sprues // Frostgrave

As you can see, you get a bunch of different bodies, heads, weapons and accessories to have fun with. I have always thought that the Barbarian kit that they originally released for Frostgrave was one of the best they'd done and this matches that very nicely indeed.

Fireheart Expansion Miniatures

In addition to the plastic Barbarians, we also have a mix of metal miniatures that can be used to represent the new miniatures available to you in Fireheart.

Enchanter & Apprentice II - Frostgrave

Enchanter & Apprentice II // Frostgrave

The focus of the supplement is on Enchanters and creating mighty Construct/Golem armies to fight for you in the Frozen City of Felstad. To that end, we have the new Female Enchanter & Apprentice set above, designed to mirror the art from the book.

Helpers and extra hands to help with the process of crafting your magically enhanced Constructs are also on hand with these fellows.

Tinkerer & Scrounger - Frostgrave

Tinkerer & Scrounger // Frostgrave

I love how weird and wonderful these fellows are. I think my favourite is the Scrounger who has clearly dug through absolutely everything that they can find in order to impress the next Wizard they come across.

A range of Constructs is also on the way including the Familiars that you see here. Much larger versions will also be made available so make sure to get a peek at those!

Construct Familiars - Frostgrave

Construct Familiars // Frostgrave

Frostgrave is also home to many a strange and fantastical creature. Those who like collecting odd creatures will find loads to dive into thanks to the rules from Fireheart.

Candle-Jacks - Frostgrave

Candle-Jacks // Frostgrave

Blade-Dog & Construct Hound - Frostgrave

Blade-Dog & Construct Hound // Frostgrave

These are just two of the new sets but there are many, many more to dive into. It's always fine to proxy miniatures to represent the strange creatures in Frostgrave but there is something cool about having the proper miniature. I think that's certainly the case with something as weird as a Blade-Dog!

Make sure to check out the pre-order page for more information and let us know your favourites from this new set of releases.

Are you going to be diving into Frostgrave: Fireheart?

"Those who like collecting odd creatures will find loads to dive into thanks to the rules from Fireheart..."

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