Delve Into The Dreamscapes Of Etherfields On Kickstarter

July 24, 2019 by dracs

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Awaken Realms have returned to Kickstarter to fund Etherfields, a new board game that sees you exploring the ever-shifting world of dreams.

Described as a "Dream Crawler", Etherfields is a solo or co-operative campaign game in which players explore surreal dreamscapes and develop their characters with deck-building mechanics.

The game is set to feature plenty of puzzles to tax your skills. However, these will not just focus on logic, but also upon things like Intuition, Deduction, and Emotional Intelligence. This is something I am extremely excited about; using Emotional Intelligence to approach a problem is something that doesn't get explored as much as I feel it really should.

The most immediately impressive part of this game is the art.

Etherfields boasts some truly gorgeous artistic pieces and, with the subject being dreams, has the opportunity to let the artist's creativity run wild.

The more I see of this game, the more interested I am. The fantasy adventure that exploring a dreamscape provides is extremely freeing from a story-telling perspective, something that is ably supported by the fantastic art.

Will you dream this dream board game on Kickstarter?

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