Walk The Path Of Chronozon For Warcradle’s Updated Mythos

March 30, 2020 by brennon

Warcradle has dropped another option for those diving into the world of Mythos. This time around we're meeting the terrifying Path Of Chronozon Faction Starter Set. See what you think of this new addition to their updated take on the game.

Path Of Chronozon Faction Starter Set - Mythos

Inside this set, you're going to get a bunch of rather terrifying cultists who worship the dweller in the abyss that is Chronozon.

"Chronozon is the dweller in the abyss. The demon of time and chaos was said to be the last great obstacle between the adept and enlightenment. Barreman knew at that moment that he couldn't just know more about Chronozon. He had to know everything.

The young scholar's obsession with this powerful demon became all-encompassing and acts that would have been abhorrent to him only months earlier, were now acceptable in his journey down the path. The sacrifice of his sanity was so subtle that Chester was not even aware that he had crossed the line. It became the norm for him to barely recognise his own reflection, instead seeing Chronozon staring back through dark soulless eyes."

You can find out more about the background behind this particular set here but if you're wondering about the actual contents of the set you've got Chester Barreman, Spawn Of Chronozon, Lydia Heron, John Wild, Jane Wild, Edward Talbot and Elizabeth Talbot. It seems like following these various cults runs in the family.

Path Of Chronozon Faction Starter Set Alt - Mythos

This is a very awesome looking new set which goes in a little bit of a different direction from the rest of the Mythos range. I love that they have really built on the cultist side of things and given us a terrifying new take on Mythos.

Are you going to be picking this set up?

"It seems like following these various cults runs in the family..."

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