TTCombat Bringing Back The World Of Relics This Weekend!

February 20, 2024 by brennon

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The classic game, Relics, is going to be returning to tabletops this weekend with TTCombat reviving the range of miniatures and the rules! This weekend will see the first two factions popping up, the Britanan Empire and Orcnar.

Britanan Empire - Relics

Britanan Empire // Relics

Slowly but surely, the folks at TTCombat are going to be bringing these puppets back to the tabletop for your wargaming pleasure. The Relics range was/is awesome and the game wasn't too shabby either. Originally by Tor Gaming, TTCombat acquired the range and has been working in the background to bring it back to the tabletop. I can't wait to see folks picking up the Britanans under the flag of King Jorje.

If you prefer your quirky goblin-esque creatures then how about the forces of Orcnar who are also going to be popping up on the TTCombat webstore this weekend?

Orcnar - Relics

Orcnar // Relics

Again, this was such a unique range of miniatures and a fun idea for a game that unfortunately sort of fell by the wayside. As well as the Britanan and the Orcnar, there were factions for the Nuem, Vaettir, Ridend (one of my favourites) and the C'thu. Hopefully, all of these miniatures will come back to the range in good time, allowing folks to dive back into this classic game.

For those interested in diving deeper into Relics and the world of Relica, you can already check out the rules for the game over on the TTCombat webstore HERE. The first, second and third editions of the rules are available plus tactical formations and records.

Are you going to be giving Relics another crack this year?

"This weekend will see the first two factions popping up, the Britanan Empire and Orcnar..."

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