Battle Bandits & Manticore’s With New Epic Encounters Sets

May 30, 2023 by brennon

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The folks at Steamforged Games have put together another two Epic Encounters sets for you to use when diving into some roleplay at the tabletop using the likes of Dungeons & Dragons. This time around, you'll be tackling the Camp Of The Bandit Twins and a deadly Manticore.

Camp Of The Bandit Twins - Epic Encounters

Camp Of The Bandit Twins // Epic Encounters

Some lore on the Camp Of The Bandit Twins...

"Anywhere there are merchants, traders, or simply people with gold and insufficient security, bandits are never far away. And there are few more ruthless and deadly in their banditry than the Villon Twins: expert swordsmen, charismatic leaders, and vicious killers. Somebody must put a stop to them, and their camp of larcenous rogues."

This set comes with eighteen miniatures representing the Villon Twins and the band of mercenaries and minions under their control.

Camp Of The Bandit Twins Components - Epic Encounters

Camp Of The Bandit Twins - Miniatures // Epic Encounters

For example, you've got the Bandits themselves who look like swashbuckler types...

Bandit Leader - Epic Encounters

Bandit Leader // Epic Encounters

...but you also have some interesting underlings like the strange Rock Elemental that has been summoned into service. You could be tasked by the local village to head up into the hills and deal with these deadly Bandits before they make off with more of their much-needed goods!

Rock Elemental - Epic Encounters

Rock Elemental // Epic Encounters

As well as the miniatures and the map to play out some encounters on, the set also comes with rules for using these in your 5th Edition games and ways to work this adventure into your campaigns. You also get information on bringing a cinematic experience to the tabletop and the same goes for the Cave Of The Manticore set which is also available to pre-order.

Cave Of The Manticore - Epic Encounters

Cave Of The Manticore // Epic Encounters

If you're looking to add a boss fight to your campaign and build up to a climax after the events of the Camp Of The Bandit Twins then you will want to snap up Cave Of The Manticore...

"Manticores are renowned for their savagery, a cruelty bordering on sadism, and a willingness to work with other creatures in order to indulge such appetites. Manticores rarely partner with their own kind—seeing in them a refracted vision of what they lack—but do work with organisations with a taste for blood, pain, and viciousness."

After having to deal with the bandits and making sure that they're not going to be an issue for the town, perhaps the twin's revenge is unleashing this terrifying creature on you as you're licking your wounds.

Manticore - Epic Encounters

Manticore // Epic Encounters

The miniatures from these Epic Encounters sets are great and should be a lot of fun to paint up. Spread the miniatures out amongst your gaming group perhaps and ease the burden on your poor Dungeon Master who has been tinkering away with all sorts of ideas behind the scenes. Either that or the Dungeon Master needs a faithful and tight-lipped friend!

Both of these sets are available for you to pre-order right now so you can start formulating some ideas for how they'll get added to your next session.

Will you be picking these up?

"You could be tasked by the local village to head up into the hills and deal with these deadly Bandits..."

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