Battle The Lich Empress In New Epic Encounters Set

September 9, 2021 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has showcased a new Epic Encounters set that is available to pre-order now and drop into your games of Dungeons & Dragons. Face the Lich Empress and scrap with the undead in these new packs!

Tower Of The Lich Empress - Steamforged Games

Tower Of The Lich Empress // Steamforged Games

The Tower Of The Lich Empress gives you a boss encounter to play out on the tabletop. Inside the set, you get access to the big plastic Lich Empress herself who dominates the tabletop as well as a game mat to play out your encounter PLUS all of the rules, tokens and such required to drop her into games of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Lich Empress - Steamforged Games

Lich Empress // Steamforged Games

As well as being an encounter in a box, the Tower Of The Lich Empress also works alongside the Arena Of The Undead Horde. You can use this to start your adventure and battle through a number of additional scraps before you encounter the Lich Empress herself.

Arena Of The Undead Horde - Steamforged Games

Arena Of The Undead Horde // Steamforged Games

Much like with previous sets, this pack comes with all sorts of bespoke and interesting foes for you to clash with. If you're looking for a repository of undead figures for your games then this more or less has you sorted. There are twenty miniatures in the set that should form a good backbone (hah) for your Dungeon Mastering collection.

Undead Horde #1 - Steamforged Games

What is nice about the miniatures from this set is that they aren't your typically shambling undead offerings. They take the form of massive rampaging undead centaurs like the fellow above and this chap who looks like he could be a Dark Souls miniboss.

Undead Horde #2 - Steamforged Games

There really are some amazing miniatures in this set that would be great to paint up even if you weren't that fussed about using them in D&D. I could see these being used for all manner of skirmish games and such too.

Undead Horde #3 - Steamforged Games

One of the nice things about the set is that it comes with undead who are vicious! These foes look like they could do some serious damage to you and wouldn't shatter after the slight swing of a mace.

Combining the two Epic Encounters sets that are now up for pre-order means that you have quite a nice adventure for your heroes to embark on. See how they fare about the undead menace that is threatening to overrun local towns and villages!

Are you going to be picking these up for your collection?

"One of the nice things about the set is that it comes with undead who are vicious!"

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