Loke BattleMats Head To Towns & Taverns On Kickstarter

February 28, 2020 by brennon

Loke BattleMats is on Kickstarter right now looking to bring their Towns & Taverns modular battle mats and books to the tabletop for those diving into some roleplaying on the tabletop. There are lots of different designs on offer.

Towns & Taverns - Loke Battle Mats

These new books present you with all manner of different designs which can be used to create a 2x2 encounter for you to battle in. You can, of course, assemble these books in all manner of different ways allowing you to create a multitude of layouts which should mean that things won't be too samey between encounters. Here is a peek at the art pieces that are included within each book...

Towns & Taverns Volume I - Loke Battle Mats

There are quite a lot of urban locations for you to dive into here and you can then also take things to the outer reaches of the city if you're looking to try and stop a raid or something. Lots of additional elements can also be thrown into the mix through the unlocking of stretch goals.

Towns & Taverns Volume II - Loke Battle Mats

Here are some of the details from the Kickstarter page as to what you can get inside each side...

  • Two modular hardcover books of fantasy  RPG battle maps in a handy slipcase
  • Complimentary map pages that combine to create larger play areas to suit your table & encounter
  • Endless flexibility. You can play one 12"x12" map page or a 24"x24" spread depending on your space and adventure. You have all the options.
  • Laminated and wipe clean throughout
  • 1 inch square throughout
  • Combination of exterior and interior maps to suit any urban fantasy encounter
  • 360° spine allows the books to lay flat and line up seamlessly. No leaps of the imagination needed!
  • The spine also allows books to fold fully in half for small encounters or tight spaces
  • The fully modular stand-alone map system
  • Fully compatible with The Dungeon Books of Battle mats thanks to our trademark standard entry & exit areas
  • Fully compatible with Loke BattleMats' existing book range thanks to consistent 5 foot to 1-inch scale.
  • Towns & Taverns is hardback to protect the maps. Our cover does not protrude so the books line up flush together.

I do like the look of these and after seeing a few of them at events I think they could be really good for adventuring parties. I also think they'd be fun for skirmish games as well! The books are all rewritable as well, meaning that you can scribble on them to your heart's content.

Towns & Taverns Rewritable - Loke Battle Mats

So, if you're looking to dive into some more roleplaying adventures on the tabletop (we all are right now it seems!) there is plenty for you to check out with this Kickstarter. I think that you should go and give it a peek and let us know if you back this one.

Are you going to be backing this one?

"I also think they'd be fun for skirmish games as well!"

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