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December 8, 2021 by brennon

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Free League Publishing are back on Kickstarter this week with their new campaign for the roleplaying world of Vaesen. Explore a new frontier in Mythic Britain & Ireland thanks to Graeme Davis and the illustrations and world-building of Johan Egerkrans.

Mythic Britain & Ireland - Vaesen

Mythic Britain & Ireland Kickstarter // Vaesen

There are two books included as part of this Kickstarter but the first concerns the way in which your new society of investigators deals with the clashes between the mortal and supernatural world throughout the British Isles.

Mythic Britain & Ireland - Vaesen

Mythic Britain & Ireland // Vaesen

Exploring England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, you'll meet people who clash on a daily basis over cultural differences. The rise of industrialisation, the fall of noble families and the exploitation of the workforce then sits hand-in-hand with the supernatural world struggling to survive against this ever-changing world and human influence.

Mythic Britain & Ireland Map - Vaesen

Mythic Britain & Ireland Map // Vaesen

Here is more of what's included in the book...

  • Information about the British Society, its founders and headquarters.
  • A gazetteer over the sprawling city of London complete with adventure locations and secret societies.
  • A guide to the mythology of Mythic Britain and Ireland, with a score of mythological locations across the islands.
  • A chapter detailing a number of mythical beings, vaesen, with stats, background information, story seeds and variants.
  •  Old Meg: A mystery that takes the player characters to Gloucestershire to investigate a slew of gruesome killings and discover an ancient evil.
  •  The Llantywyll Incident: A mystery wherein the characters travel to Wales and a mine stricken with strange misfortunes.
  •  The Hampstead Group: A mystery in the heart of London, where the characters are invited to an artist’s commune with some very weird habits.

I absolutely love the storytelling and world design for Vaesen. I think Free League have hit on something exceptionally special with this roleplaying game. Yes, it's about folklore and fantasy but it's not all just about monster hunting. There is nuance here as the vaesen themselves aren't always malicious for the sake of it. Some have been wronged by humanity and it's up to you in the Society to find a way to find an outcome that benefits all.

Getting to tell these stories in a familiar setting, of course, takes things to the next level. There are plenty of strange stories told here in the Midlands that would be perfect fodder for a Vaesen investigation.

Seasons Of Mystery

As well as Mythic Britain & Ireland, you will also be able to pick up the Seasons Of Mystery supplement.

Seasons Of Mystery - Vaesen

Seasons Of Mystery // Vaesen

Four different writers have told four stories for you to dive into, each taking place in the Mythic North...

  •  Dance of Death:  The player characters travel to the idyllic springtime countryside of Dalarna in northern Sweden to solve a deadly mystery. Written by Gabrielle DeBourg.
  •  Fireheart: Religious fervor runs high in rural Småland as the hottest summer in living memory trigger massive forest fires, crop failure, widespread poverty, and a mass exodus to America. Will the player character uncover what's behind it all – and live to tell the tale? Written by Tomas Härenstam.
  •  The Devil on the Moor: Journey west to the windswept autumn moors of Grimsted Lyng on the Danish island of Jylland and investigate a tale of terror where modernity is pitted against the old ways. Written by Andreas Marklund.
  •  A Winter’s Tale: The characters travel to the snow-covered forests of Ingria east of the Baltic Sea and are challenged by a mysterious adversary under the glittering winter stars. Written by Kiku Pukk Härenstam.

As well as being tales for the Mythic North, there are also sections dedicated to turning these stories into investigations that could take place throughout the British Isles.

The campaign is going great guns which is nice to see and the team have been able to unlock all sorts of different extra rewards. New vaesen are now in the mix alongside new archetypes to play as, upgrades to the quality of the books and more.

Truly, if you want not only a beautiful roleplaying book but a fantastic option for your tabletop group, Vaesen is well worth a look.

Are you going to be backing the campaign?

"Truly, if you want not only a beautiful roleplaying book but a fantastic option for your tabletop group, Vaesen is well worth a look..."

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