Battle In Sally 4th’s Wars Of Ozz; Coming To Kickstarter Soon

June 24, 2020 by brennon

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Sally 4th is coming to Kickstarter on 27th June with their campaign to bring the Wars Of Ozz to life on the tabletop. This campaign is going to feature weird and strange armies based on the world of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

Wars Of Ozz Main Image - Sally 4th

Wars Of Ozz Kickstarter Coming Soon

The idea is that the rules here take Baum's world and give it a little bit of a post-apocalyptic Earth twist. Things then get even more quirky with the addition of the "Madness Bomb" which got dropped into the mix during the "Last Great War" where survivors were mutated and chaos reigned until the Wizard finally arrived.

Wars Of Ozz Armies #2 - Sally 4th.jpg

Wars Of Ozz Tin-Men

This then all distils down into a new mass battle game with miniatures sculpted and cast by the team at Old Glory. All of the miniatures are cast in lead/tin and are you'll be able to buy armies to build up your mass of troops as well as characters to lead them into battle.

Wars Of Ozz Armies #3 - Sally 4th.jpg

Wars Of Ozz Pumpkin Men

The Wars Of Ozz rules themselves have been designed by John 'Buck' Surdu who has worked on projects in the past like Gaslight, Combat Patrol and ACP164. You'll be able to play a game of Wars Of Ozz in a typical two-player format but they have also been designed for multiplayer games and solo-gaming experiences too.

Wars Of Ozz Armies #4 - Sally 4th

A Wars Of Ozz Ready For Battle

Here is a little more from the team on the rules and some of its unique elements...

"Wars Of Ozz features a unique activation mechanism which gives Brigade and Army Commanders a role to play while providing a random activation sequence. Combat resolution is quick and brutal; games come to a clear conclusion and are fun to play as the rules use streamlined mechanics that provide drama and excitement, magic has a part to play in the game... this is after all 'Ozz', but magic is balanced and does not overpower the game."

As well as including the rules and details on building your armies, you'll also get loads of background and history on their take on Ozz. You'll be able to build up armies for the major nations of the Munchkins, Quadlings, Winkies and Gilikins but also a few more too.

Since this is the land of Ozz you'll also find yourself coming up against the Giant Flying Apes, Greater & Lesser Pumpkin Men, Tin-Men, Scarecrows, Dire Wolves, Bear, Lions, Tigers and more. It wouldn't be a Fantasy game without the addition of undead Skeletons and Screamers, Trolls, Giants and Pollywomps too.

This sounds like it could be a rather fun and alternative game to get stuck into. Has it caught your eye?

Drop your thoughts on Wars Of Ozz below...

"This sounds like it could be a rather fun and alternative game to get stuck into..."

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