Adeptus Astartes Reveals From Games Workshop

September 15, 2020 by avernos

To coincide with the launch of Codex: Space Marines Games Workshop has previewed all of the previously unseen units for the Adeptus Astartes. This is a mix of new units alongside multipart variants of existing single pose kits to round out your Space Marine armies on the tabletop.

Captain with Master-Crafted Heavy bolt Rifle

Captain with Master-Crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle // Games Workshop

The first of the releases is the Captain with Master-crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle, bedecked in Mark X Gravis Armour. Apart from foot on rock, the captain is the very definition of statuesque wearing a formidable set of armour strong enough to stop most attacks in their tracks. I'm a little surprised that the Captain doesn't have more ornate armour now that the Primaris are starting to settle in, but he's certainly striking and would easily fit into any colour scheme depending on Chapter. The Cuban heels are an interesting choice I'm wondering if the capt is a fan of Prince?

Heavy Intercessor 2

Heavy Intercessor // Games Workshop

The Captain is not the only Astarte to get their genetically engineered hands on Heavy Bolt Rifles and the Mark X Armour. When I say they're heavily armoured I'm not kidding, Toughness 5 Troops unit with 3 Wounds aren't exactly ten a penny and anyone intending on chewing through this squad quickly will find themselves wondering where it all went wrong for them.

Eradicator with Multi-Melta

Eradicator with Multi-Melta // Games Workshop

The next bunch of Gravis armoured Marines are the Eradicators armed with Melta guns and the unit that first appeared in Indomitus are now getting a multi-part kit with all the bells and whistles. The kit includes loads more options, such as the ability to swap out their melta rifles for an even harder-hitting heavy version. You’ll even be able to give one Eradicator in the set a multi-melta, complete with its devastating new profile Heavy 2, 24" range and a Str 8 hit is painful enough but within half range the damage increases from D6 to D6+2. Knocking out vehicles couldn't be easier.

Assault Intercessors

Assault Intercessors // Games Workshop

A multipart Assault Intercessors kit is also on its way. In addition to more flexible posing options throughout, the squad’s Sergeant can be assembled with a hand flamer or plasma pistol, and can even wield a power sword, power fist, or thunder hammer too! Alongside them the Bladeguard Veterans are also set to be treated to a multipart kit, offering dynamic new poses and the ability to equip the squad’s Sergeant with a neo-volkite pistol.

Bladeguard Veteran

Bladeguard Veteran // Games Workshop

The four new infantry squads offer up expanded options for the Adeptus Astartes in the field and the multi-part versions of existing single pose are always welcome to stop armies feeling samey. The Cuban heels are still a weird choice but as "standard marines" go for the mainstay of peoples forces they certainly fit the bill. I do still think that they could use a bit more oompf, and I don't mean stick skulls all over them. Perhaps when we start seeing chapter specific parts we will get something that sparks something.

It would be remiss not to mention that the infantry sets are not the only new release coming for the Angels of Death and a new speeder has been shown off in all it's glory.

Storm Speeder

Storm Speeder // Hammerstrike

Taking its queue from the Landspeeder and the various Primaris repulsor vehicles the Storm Speeder kit comes in three patterns, each equipped with a blistering array of heavy weaponry designed to eliminate a particular type of enemy. The Hammerstrike comes equipped with tank-busting missiles, grenades, and even a tri-barrelled melta, capable of reducing most armour to slag in a single turn if the dice are with you. The other variants are the Hailstrike an anti-infantry platform armed with an onslaught gatling cannon, two ironhail heavy stubbers, and a pair of fragstorm grenade launchers and the Thunderstrike a dog fighter anti-air speeder but with enough firepower on hand to serve as anti-tank as well if push comes to shove.

Overall it's a big bunch of releases that hit the mark more than they miss it, but with them being Marines it's not like we expected anything else. These are certainly a statement of intent for the Adeptus Astartes for 9th edition and hopefully the other armies will get new kits commensurate with them.

Will you be crossing the Primaris Rubicon with everyone else?

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