Daemons Ready for Pre Order

July 22, 2010 by warzan

The second wave of Daemons is now ready for preorder (Get them here on the GW Official Site - or try clicking the check your prices buttons).

So lets get a look at these bad boys.

First up we have the Daemon Prince, the metal one was a bit of a pain to build but this plastic kit looks fantastic.

Stunning Plastic Demon Prince Model

One more pic of this guy and my personal favoutite ;o)

Armoured up and ready to destroy!

Next up we have the Kairos Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch, in metal but good to see it finally make it's way out of forgeworld!

Kairos Fateweaver

Bloodcrushers of Khorne, great to finally see these guys in plastic.

I like to think of myself as someone whos not laking in imagination, but i cannot bring myself to like the Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, I hate that they are well ... pink!!! Yes i know i could paint them a different colour but they wouldn't be Pink Horros then ;o) However anyone else think there are conversion possibilities to make genestealers of a different nature with these?

I just know that our own Daemon John is going to love these Seekers of Slaanesh, he really is a Slaanesh kind of guy when you get to know him!

So guys what's the verdict on this second wave, have GW missed anything you were hoping to see in plastic? Are these new models swinging any of you guys over to the powers of Chaos?

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