Funding For Heroscape: Age Of Annihilation Begins Via Hasbro

October 7, 2022 by brennon

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Hasbro is now looking to fire up the funding for their return to the world of Heroscape. This monolithic game has been a staple of the tabletop gaming world for a long while and it now going to be returning in a new glossy, shiny way with Age Of Annihilation.

Heroescape Age Of Annilhilation Vanguard Edition - Hasbro

Heroscape: Age Of Annihilation - Vanguard Edition // Hasbro

Here is the lovely fluffy dollop of lore on top...

"You are back on the remote planet of Valhalla, a once peaceful world now torn apart by evil. Dynastic rulers known as Valkyrie are fighting to control the wellsprings, mystical fountains that bestow mighty powers – but can also bring on the curse of frightening visions of total destruction. Esoteric warriors from across time and space battle for power and glory. Will they save their world, or face utter annihilation?"

With Age Of Annihilation, you will be diving back into this expandable miniature wargaming system that no doubt sits in the lofts and gaming rooms of many a collection. Modular tiles are used to craft interesting and diverse battlefields for you to duke it out on. Your factions, made of heroes and villains from across different genres and worlds, can then be drawn together to see if you can outwit your opponents.

Heroescape Age Of Annilhilation Miniatures - Hasbro

Heroscape: Age Of Annihilation - Miniatures // Hasbro

Here is what gets included, at least with the Vanguard Edition of the game...

  • 71x finely detailed miniatures, pre-coloured to denote their affiliations.
  • 50x army cards, providing game rules for your miniatures.
  • An expandable hex-based modular tile terrain system, including 74 base pieces and 68 wall terrain pieces, 9 jungle terrain pieces, with which you can build varied, multilevel landscapes for your battles.
  • 5x original factions designed for this game, each with unique skills and strategies. Play as the Dryan Lifeborne Order, the Nemesis War Brood, the Dawn Raider Syndicate, the Clockwork Combine, or the Ironclad Collective!
  • Customizable armies in which each figure is given a point value, allowing you to choose which units to include in your army to suit your own playstyle.
  • 20x game scenarios specially created for AGE OF ANNIHILATION.

It certainly sounds like the folks from Hasbro are pulling out all of the stops when it comes to Heroscape. It doesn't appear as if it has quite caught on as a prospect yet but there is still just over a month left to see if they can reach their target. With a price tag of $250, this is certainly a big ask but it might be perfect for the Heroscape diehard out there.

It should be noted that this is going to be entirely backwards compatible with the previous Heroscape releases and of course, whatever else comes down the road.

If you want to get a closer look at all of the miniatures from the set, the bonus options for backers and more then make sure to head on over to the funding page HERE.

Are you tempted to dive back into the world of Heroscape?

"It should be noted that this is going to be entirely backwards compatible with the previous Heroscape releases..."

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