Ride Or Die With Hardcore Miniatures’ Ghost Orc

August 13, 2019 by brennon

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Hardcore Miniatures has been working on a new model which should be making its way into your Speed Freekz Ork army. Check out the very hot looking Ghost Orc.

Ghost Orc Rider - Hardcore Miniatures

This Ghost Orc is of course based on the Marvel hero, Ghost Rider and comes as a big resin kit which numbers twenty-eight pieces. Inside the set, you'll get a choice of different heads and weapon/arm attachments too so you can mix and match him if you like.

Ghost Orc Components - Hardcore Miniatures

I think you'd have to make him as the Ghost Orc rather than just going with the traditional head or maybe you could tweak things to fit in with your own narrative. Magnetise the head in some fashion and have it that at some point in the game he goes all fiery and deadly (or more so), turning into Ghost Orc and getting a bunch of additional special rules.

Do you think he'll be making it into your Ork army on the tabletop?

"Check out the very hot looking Ghost Orc..."

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