Atomic Mass Preview The Shadow Collective For Star Wars: Legion

September 10, 2021 by brennon

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Atomic Mass Games fired up MiniStravaganza yesterday and one of the big reveals was a new range of miniatures for Star Wars: Legion. If you've watched through The Clone Wars animated series then you'll be very eager to see these characters hitting the tabletop!

Shadow Collective Teaser // Star Wars: Legion

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A whole range of deadly gangsters and crimelords are coming to the tabletop as part of this upcoming release. The Pyke Syndicate are on the warpath, ready to sow disorder and you've also got the Death Watch hitting the tabletop too under the sway of Maul!

Shadow Collective Teaser - Star Wars Legion

Shadow Collective Teaser // Star Wars: Legion

It is very awesome to see the folks at Atomic Mass Games working on miniatures beyond the standard Separatists and Republic soldiers we've seen so far. These characters had a massive impact on the unfolding story of Star Wars in The Clone Wars series and it would be great to see Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka clashing with these criminals!

There is also going to be a brand new miniature for Maul that you can drop into your games. He is armed with the famed Dark Saber that gives him dominion over the peoples of Mandalore.

Darth Maul - Star Wars Legion NEW

Maul // Star Wars: Legion

It is neat to see what Atomic Mass Games has been working on. They seem to be really focusing on The Clone Wars era which is obviously packed with interesting characters. As I mentioned above, it would be great to see more of the Jedi Generals from the period. I would also like to see what they have planned for the newest trilogy of films too.

If you're interested in more then Dallas from the Atomic Mass team also painted up some of the Pyke gangsters in the video below...

Into The Underworld Painting Stream // Star Wars: Legion

Are you going to be picking up this range of miniatures for Star Wars: Legion? Where would you like to see them go next?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Where would you like to see them go next?"

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