Demented Release Their Twisted Monstrous Marvels

June 9, 2021 by brennon

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Demented Games has now released their monstrous marvels which can be dropped into your Steampunk games of Twisted. There are some very quirky looking creatures in the mix here but it's what we've come to expect!

Tunnel Spinner - Twisted

Tunnel Spinner // Twisted

The first of the miniatures that we're looking at is this rather quirky looking Tunnel Spinner. This is a bulky looking construct that other characters can try and clamber on top of. Originally designed to help with digging, this has now been turned towards more nefarious means.

Talking of characters riding this creation, you can also pick up the Count Duviel miniature which can be added to the Tunnel Spinner miniature.

Count Duviel - Twisted

Count Duviel // Twisted

Count Duviel has now grafted himself to the chassis of this Tunnel Spinner and it has been warped and twisted in many ways too. Linked with The Engine in some strange way, Duviel is a character to fear. No one truly knows what his plan may be but he is happy to fight alongside anyone who would further his goals.

Stepping beyond the strange machinations of Duviel, we also have some more quirky constructs and monsters. Long Ma The Dragon Horse is joining Monkey's Troupe Of Travellers for example.

Long Ma The Dragon Horse - Twisted

Long Ma The Dragon Horse // Twisted

This is the largest miniature in the Twisted range so far and it is full of detail. I love the work of Sebastian Archer and I could see so many painters having fun with this one. I like that it has hands at the fore of the miniature rather than claws or hooves!

Down in the darkness of the sewers, we also have the rolling mass that is the Sewer Golem.

Sewer Golem & Cuttleberry Skinn - Twisted

Sewer Golem & Cuttleberry Skinn // Twisted

Whilst many of the Urkin might shy away from even attempting to pass one of these Sewer Golems, Cutterlberry Skinn is more than happy to ride one through the fluid that seeps its way through the sewers. It certainly allows him to get to some of those choice fishing spots that others don't dare to approach.

We finish off with the Inscrutable Sphinx that is particular majestic and stands out from the grimy looking Sewer Golem for example.

Inscrutable Sphinx - Twisted

Inscrutable Sphinx // Twisted

Sculpted by the talented hand of Stephane Camosseto, this is another amazing miniature that shows off the wide and varied scope of the Twisted world. Melding together the metal and the mystical, this is another stunning sculpt which was born of their most recent Kickstarter campaign.

More amazing miniatures from the folks at Demented Games.

"Linked with The Engine in some strange way, Duviel is a character to fear..."

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