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Wargaming The Battle Of Hastings: A 1066 Anniversary


Ben and Gerry combine their immense intellects to give you a clearly expert guide to 1066 and wargaming the Battle Of Hastings on the anniversary of the clash.

Becca Scott Teaches Us How To Play Warhammer 40K: Apocalypse


Becca Scott is back teaching folks how to get stuck into the world of Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse with a new How To Play Video.

Getting Into Solo Wargaming – Part Three


Community member evilstu is back for another mammoth entry in his solo wargaming article series where he looks at how you can play out campaigns!

Exploring Scenarios In Sharp Practice – Part Five: Characters & Campaigns


In the final article for this series @elessar2590 talks us through characters and campaigns in Sharp Practice!

Warzone: Resurrection Tactica – How To Use The T-32 Wolfclaw & Dragonbikes


We finish off this series of articles on the Armoured Assault for Warzone: Resurrection discussing the Wolfclaw & Dragonbikes!

40K Charted: Tau Empire – Part Three


We're back for Part Three of our look at the Tau Empire in Warhammer 40,000. In this episode of 40k Charted we delve into the discussion on The Empire Vs The Imperium and in particular the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

40K Charted: Tau Empire – Part Two


We're back for Part Two of our look at the Tau Empire in the world of Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop. Our attention this time turns to their Caste structure and the tactics the Tau use in battle.

40K Charted: Tau Empire – Part One


We're delving into a look at the Tau Empire in this episode of 40k Charted as we move from the Orks of Warhammer 40,000 and explore a relatively new faction (kind of...) within Games Workshop's Sci-Fi world.

40k Charted: Psychic Powers 101 – Part Two


AJ and Warren return this week to further discuss the terrifying but often neglected Psychic Powers of Warhammer 40,000.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS: Using & Countering Recce Vehicles


We're going Backstage to discuss some more tactics for use in your games of Bolt Action. In this episode we're looking at Recce Vehicles and how best to use them...

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded – Sneaky Sniper Team Tactics


In this episode we're going to be looking at the best uses for your Sniper Teams...

40K Charted: Unit Spotlight – Inquisitorial Henchmen


We're back again for another weekly run-down of 40k Charted, this week AJ's introducing me to the Inquisitorial Henchmen, these guys have been out for a while but somewhat missed in the battlefront.

Conquering Kings of War: Playing The Orc Faction


Hey guys, today we're taking a look at the Orcs in Kings of War by Mantic Games.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS: Beating The Orcs To The Punch


As you may have seen, the Orc Faction have been drilling through our armies in the Frontstage Show, however I've brought out my prized Dwarf unit, the Brock Riders!

40K Charted: Unit Spotlight – Sanguinary Priests


It's time for us to pledge ourselves to the might of the Blood Angels in Warhammer 40,000 and discuss another Unit Spotlight as we look at the Sanguinary Priests.

Age Of Tyrants: How To Build A Junkers Company


If you're wondering on how to build armies for Age of Tyrants then they've put together this piece showing off a typical Junkers army for the game. Don't forget to check out the Kickstarter...

Conquering Kings Of War – Legions Tactics


We're back with Rich from Mantic talking about how to play with your Legions in Kings of War. These units are a massive hammer blow to the opponent but they can be trapped and draw a lot of fire from the enemy.

Conquering Kings Of War XLBS – Dealing With A Legion


So we've looked at how to play using Legions in Mantic Games' Kings of War but how do you deal with them when you face them across the field of battle?

Infinity Arachne: The Delicate Art of Table Layout – Part Two


In this episode of Infinity Arachne we're looking back at Table Layouts and how exactly to get the best distribution of terrain so it's both fair for all players involved AND looks awesome too...

Weekender XLBS: Building The Perfect Gaming Scenarios


It's Happy Sunday time! Welcome Backstage as we discuss some of the ways in which we can craft our own gaming scenarios and some of the news from the week...

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded – Club Games Vs Tournament Games


Welcome back to Bolt Action Locked & Loaded where we get to grips between building your army for a club game versus doing so for those all important tournaments.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS – Using Medics In The Field


We're Backstage to talk about the best ways to use Medics in the field when playing your games of Bolt Action. These fellows are often overlooked!

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – Downing Airborne Opponents


If you're having difficulties tackling flying troops in your games of Kings of War help is at hand as we show you how you may be able to stop them, including Justin's tried and true tactic... "Berserkers in the butt".

Objective Infinity – Hacker Tips & Tactics


We're delving into one of the most important aspects of Sci-Fi tabletop warfare in a new Objective Infinity. Justin and Carlos are going to be tackling Hacking...

Objective Infinity XLBS – Hacker Defence Tactics


In this Backstage episode of Objective Infinity we're looking at the best ways to counter those pesky Hackers we talked about during the Fronstage Show...

Objective Infinity – Forward Observer Combo Tactics


In this episode Justin and Carlos have a look at some of the classic tactics used in games of Infinity. We'll be showing how you use Forward Observers with other units that have Guided Ammo.

Objective Infinity XLBS – Countering The Forward Observer Combo


In this Backstage version of the show we talk about how you can beat the Forward Observer and Guided Ammo combination we mentioned in Infinity!

Infinity Arachne: The Delicate Art Of Table Layout – Part One


We're back with Infinity Arachne to discuss another big topic from the world of Infinity. Just how do you go about making the best looking tabletop that is both awesome looking and tactically sound for both sides?

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded: Assault Or Shoot?


Welcome back to another episode of Bolt Action Locked & Loaded where we talk about your options when you get close to foes in Warlord Games' World War II 28mm wargame.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS: Target Priority – Who To Shoot?


We're go Backstage to talk about what you should be shooting at when it comes to your activation in Bolt Action by Warlord Games.

Dropfleet Commander – PHR Vs UCM Weapons Demo


With the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter in it final hours we conclude this week's trio of videos with a weapons demonstration between ships of the UCM and PHR. Who will come out on top?

Objective Infinity: Utilising Camouflage


Sometimes on the Infinity battlefield it pays to stay out of sight until you need to make that vital kill and in this episode Carlos of Corvus Belli shows Justin how to utilise Camo skills effectively.

Objective Infinity XLBS: Camo Countermeasures


It can be tricky to fight an opponent in camouflage cover but fear not as Carlos is going to divulge a few countermeasures you can employ in your games of Infinity to turn the tables.

Flames Of War FTW – Gun Line Counter Tactics


Flames Of War For The win is back as Warren & Dave take a look at how to beat those stalwart, unmoving, and frankly terrifying, gun line armies from World War II

Flames Of War FTW XLBS – Advanced Gun Line Tactics & Counter Tactics


It's time to head back to the war room table and discuss some more advanced tactics and counter tactics for using gun lines and countering them in Flames Of War.

Objective Infinity: TAG Piloting 101


Carlos joins Justin in the studio to have a look at these incredible machines and explains how to use TAGs on the tabletop...

Objective Infinity XLBS: TAG Counter Tactics


Now you've learned how to use your TAGS on the battlefields of Infinity take an extra course in how to defeat them when you have to face one!

Objective Infinity – Jump Trooper Tactics


Welcome to a new tactics show for Infinity! The ever awesome Carlos joins us to take a look at the basics of using Jump Troops in your games...

Objective Infinity XLBS – Jump Trooper Counter Tactics


So, now you've seen how tough these Jump Trooper can be in Infinity it's time to turn the tables on these aggressive troopers by having a look at ways in which we can knock them out of the sky...

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded: What Makes A Good Bolt Action Table?


We have a chat with Chez from Warlord Games about what makes for a good Bolt Action Table allowing both sides to have some fun.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS: Tactical Cover Tips & Tricks


We're back looking at some of the sneaky cover based tricks and tactics you can employ during your games of Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

Infinity Arachne: Hacking For Fun & Profit – Part 2


After a little gap Infinity Arachne is back looking at more fun ways to hack your opponents force in games of Infinity. This time we're looking at Assault Hackers...

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