Raging Heroes Sisters Of Eternal Mercy Army Build | First 1000 points

May 7, 2022 by avernos

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John and Gerry collaborate to put together an alternative Sisters of Battle army using the Raging Heroes Sisters of Eternal Mercy. In this first army update, John shows off the first painted block of figures and Gerry runs through what they represent in One Page Rules Grimdark Future and how they can be used on the tabletop.

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With the core of the army complete, the force is coming together already, John's striking colour scheme is easily replicable across the range and Gerry has put together a solid force that is capable of dealing with all comers in a 1000 point game with a balanced combined arms list. As they explore the Grimdark Future rules it all sounds good on paper but have you any advice for the guys?

Have you tried out One Page Rules alternative to 40K?

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