Archon’s Dungeons & Lasers Heads To Woodhaven On 4th May!

April 29, 2021 by brennon

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Archon Studio are returning to Kickstarter on 4th May with a new project focused on their Dungeons & Lasers collection. They have previously run two Kickstarters for the First and Second Editions of the Dungeons & Lasers range and now they are heading to Woodhaven!

Dungeons & Lasers Woodhaven - Archon Studio

Dungeons & Lasers Woodhaven // Archon Studio

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The idea behind the Dungeons & Lasers range is to provide roleplayers with easy-to-assemble modular terrain allowing them to make the dungeons and locations of their dreams. All of this is done without the need for glue and it is presented in durable hard plastic.

Woodhaven Terrain Range

Dungeons and other locations have been explored already as part of Dungeons & Lasers but the latest set of terrain allows you to build up an impressive town complete with buildings, streets and even a sewer!

Woodhaven - Archon Studio

Woodhaven // Archon Studio

With Woodhaven, Archon Studio is hoping to create the most comprehensive set of roleplaying game terrain to date. I like that they have taken a top-down approach to this with fully detailed buildings (each with removable roofs!) followed by the city streets and then the dark confines of the sewers and catacombs that worm their way beneath Woodhaven.

Sewers - Archon Studio

Sewers // Archon Studio

The prospect of having such an interactive piece of terrain like this should make the D&D or Pathfinder player inside us drool just a little. I really like the idea that a Dungeon Master could start off your adventure in the tavern and then remove a layer of tiles and plastic to reveal the dungeon that you're going to be delving into afterwards.

Terrain AND Miniatures

As you might imagine, you have access to a lot of options with this campaign and you'll be able to pick up the new Woodhaven sets plus lots of the kits from previous campaigns. You'll also be able to snap up a bunch of new miniatures!

Horseman - Archon Studio

Horseman // Archon Studio

The current aim of the campaign is to add in sixty or so new hard plastic figures which you can use in your roleplaying games.

Townsfolk - Archon Studio

Townsfolk // Archon Studio

They have got their eye set on all manner of Townsfolk that you might encounter during your adventures. That means plenty of Town Guard for you to run away from, thieves and vagabonds, evil lords, filthy peasants and lewd bards. I think they've managed to cover a lot of the bases.

The Dragons are also returning as part of Dungeons & Lasers Third Edition and you'll be able to snap up some seriously impressive sculpts. A good idea for a new boss encounter perhaps?

The Dragon Of Schmargonrog - Archon Studio

The Dragon Of Schmargonrog // Archon Studio

You can already head on over to the preview page set up by Archon Studio. They even have Pre-Launch Stretch Goals that you can unlock by simply following the campaign so you can be notified when it begins.

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It certainly seems like it's going to be another engaging campaign from Archon Studio and I am eager to see what they unlock as the campaign progresses. I should remind you that we used the Dungeons & Lasers terrain previously to make an epic HeroQuest board!

This shows off some of the versatility in their terrain collection and how it can be used for a multitude of different projects.

Are you a fan of the Dungeons & Lasers terrain?

"You'll also be able to snap up a bunch of new miniatures!"

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