Battle Between Japanese Yakata With Empires At War

January 20, 2021 by brennon

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Empires At War is working towards a new selection of Historical kits for those who want to battle in 28mm across the island of Japan. A new range of Samurai-age terrain will be releasing soon in bundles and as individual kits.

Japanese Samurai Yakata - Empires At War

Japanese Samurai Yakata // Empires At War

Labelled as Yakata by Empires At War, this is a selection of buildings which could be a good option for the likes of Test Of Honour. There are a lot of interesting houses and other buildings here which could be a good place for a showdown between rival warlords.

In addition to the bigger buildings, you've also got those walls, gates and the tower which will also be available soon too. I love the tower and gate, especially because of the additional height they give to the terrain set.

Japanese Samurai Yakata Close - Empires At War

Japanese Samurai Yakata // Empires At War

You could use these terrain pieces for a skirmish clash or as the setting for a little siege where one clan has decided to look at burning this place to the ground. You'll be able to snag the entire mansion complex as stated above or dive in and just get the individual sets. I think a lot of these would look nice just on their own amongst a sea of trees and fields.

What do you make of this complex?

"What do you make of this complex?"

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