Battle Systems’ Fantasy Wargames Terrain Kickstarter Launches

June 27, 2019 by brennon

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Battle Systems has now launched their Kickstarter to fund a range of new Fantasy Wargames Terrain which would be useful for big battles, skirmishes and roleplaying adventures too.

Fantasy Wargames Terrain - Battle Systems

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The new terrain uses their awesome clip system which has been revamped and tweaked to make it almost invisible on these pieces you're seeing here. The new collection focuses on houses, ruins, towers and other accessories you'd see above ground as Fantasy armies clash and adventures go seeking their next reward.

Fantasy Terrain Shot #1 - Battle Systems

All of the terrain is designed to be module and goes together in a variety of different ways but there are definitive kits too which produce the buildings you see here. This means you can either take apart the buildings entirely to store them or leave them as subassemblies so it's nice and easy to put them back together when you game.

Fantasy Terrain Shot #2 - Battle Systems

This short two-minute video from Battle Systems explains the process and shows you how easily the buildings go together, allowing you to make a Fantasy town in no time whatsoever.

The team at Battle Systems have been working on this concept for a while now with sets for Sci-Fi and Post-Apocalyptic landscapes as well as an entire dungeon which you could use alongside this for extended adventuring opportunities!

Pledge Options

As well as a retailer option, Battle Systems are offering a core pledge which allows you to either pick the Village or Battlefield set of terrain for use on your gaming table.

Village Pledge - Battle Systems

Both of these come with a core set of terrain as well as all of the additional stretch goals but they differ in that the Battlefield Pledge also contains some massive ruins which would be great for those looking to make scarred combat zones rather than just idyllic (if creepy) villages.

Battlefield Pledge - Battle Systems

Both options give you something different, catering to those who like the idea of fighting through a more built-up area, or one which has been through the wars. I think both will appeal! All of their terrain comes pre-coloured on both sides meaning that you can fight from the exterior to interior and such; always a key thing for those wanting to really dive into their skirmishing.

I am absolutely taken by this terrain and think it would be wonderful for all sorts of games. I really like the idea of combining this with their dungeon sets so you can play from the surface down into the darkness of an ancient crypt or lair.

Also, this might be the kind of terrain I need to start thinking about for Burrows & Badgers!

"...this might be the kind of terrain I need to start thinking about for Burrows & Badgers!"

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