More Battlefield In A Box Terrain Drops This June

May 13, 2019 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine has shared what's coming this June for their Battlefield In A Box range. As well as some returning favourites we're seeing some new terrain options.

Dragon's Grave - Gale Force Nine

My favourite addition to the terrain range is this, the Dragon's Grave. As with all of the Battlefield In A Box range it is pre-painted and ready to be used on the tabletop with the simple application of flock around the rim.

Keeping with the Fantasy theme for some of these new releases we also have the Sacrificial Rocks.

Sacrificial Rocks - Games Workshop

With Warcry just around the corner, I'm already thinking that with the addition of some sand instead of flock these would make for amazing terrain pieces to use in the game. You could imagine them popping up where Chaos warbands are clashing.

Savage Settlements

As well as these larger terrain pieces here there is the return of some classic designs from Gale Force Nine with the Chieftain's Hut...

Chieftain's Hut - Gale Force Nine

...and the Bestial Huts. Covered in animal skins these would be great for those playing Orcs or tribesmen perhaps, again drawing on the upcoming Warcry for inspiration.

Bestial Huts - Gale Force Nine

It's hard to really tell the scale of these but I'd imagine you could have a few larger creatures using these too if you wanted to throw Ogres or Trolls into the mix too.

Gathering Energy

If you're playing Fantasy or Sci-Fi games then maybe some of these Energon Crystals might be a good addition?

Energon Crystals - Gale Force Nine

You could use them as objectives in your games as armies fight over them and their powerful energies. Or, you could just use them as set dressing to show a place infused with magical or chaotic energy. They'd work great for those playing games in underground locations too.

Rolling Hills

Finally, we have the Large Hill which forms part of their essential collection and should most likely be in your terrain box too.

Large Hill - Gale Force Nine

If this hill isn't big enough there's also the Extra Large Hill which would make for a good place to put your war machines.

Extra Large Hill - Gale Force Nine

Thanks to it being a hill it's also got nothing to 'scale lock' it either, making it useful for 28mm and 15mm wargaming.

Are you a fan of the Battlefield In A Box range by Gale Force Nine?

" is pre-painted and ready to be used on the tabletop with the simple application of flock around the rim"

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