Battlefront Show Off 2019 Premium Terrain Range Of Buildings & More

November 20, 2018 by brennon

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Battlefront has currently got a pre-order period up and running where you can get your hands on some of their new Premium Terrain range for use in Flames Of War and beyond into other games as well.

2018 Premium Terrain - Battlefront

A range of new buildings, all pre-coloured and ready to use on the battlefield, are being added into the mix as well as plenty of old favourites that you might have seen during 2018. Plenty of the house designs (many of which you can see above) are good for creating battlefields from Western and Eastern Europe.

There are a selection of different houses included in the range as well as Factories, Churches, Cafes and more.

Natural Surroundings

As well as the building sets the team have also been adding to their Battlefield In A Box range with some new Trees and Hills which could be used across the board for all manner of different wargames. We start with Small Pine Woods.

Small Pine Wood - Battlefront

This set as you can see is themed towards 10/15mm wargaming and they give you a great Nordic landscape to fight through. I think this would be a great landscape to explore if you dusted it with snow as well.

As well as the Small Pine Wood they have also been working on a Small Summer Wood...

Small Summer Wood - Battlefront

...and the Small Autumn Woods. Beyond just these Battlefield In A Box sets, there are loads of other kits which can be used to suit a range of 28mm wargames but I'm sure by now you've already seen what they have to offer in the past!

Small Autumn Wood - Battlefront

The Battlefield In A Box range is rather nifty for someone looking to get a gaming table going quickly. You just need a gaming mat and some of these different terrain kits and you're ready to go.

Additionally, there is a range of sculpted hills which can be used for creating areas of raised space to give you interesting tactical choices to make on the battlefield.

Rolling Hills - Battlefront

You can also follow up with what Battlefront has been saying about upgrading these kits with their hobby post HERE.

Are you going to be snapping up some of these new terrain kits?

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"Are you going to be snapping up some of these new terrain kits?"

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